Today, teeth alignment is something that is very trendy, as an orderly and white teeth is something that will help enhance our look and allow us to be more confident!

People are now a lot more aware of their oral health, therefore dental clinic demand is on the rise. If we have a professional to take care of our teeth and modern equipment, then our oral healthcare will be even better! Any Chiang Mai dwellers out there, looking for a good dental clinic with a lot of state-of-art equipment and a good atmosphere with a professional doctor, then look no further! Lifesara has put together 6 clinics in Chiang Mai that can compete with dental clinics from Bangkok! (Chiang Mai isn’t only easily reachable but also has a lot of beautiful places, delicious restaurants and some of the best clinics out there!) Let’s go take a look at these clinics


Dentalme Clinic

Let’s start off with the Dentalme Clinic Chiang Mai, an aesthetic dental clinic with all-round services with minimalist styles. The place gives off a clean and cutesy vibe the first time you step into the clinic. The clinic has been operating for more than 11 years with more than 5,000 cases of teeth alignment as a testament to their skills and a whole host of promotions as well.

The chief services provided by these clinics are: teeth checkups, wire alignment, Damon alignment, Invisalign, teeth bleaching, gum contouring, veneering, dental root and other dental works. All of these services are performed by a professional dental professional who knows their trade extremely well. Recently, the clinic has opened 3 branches, allowing it to cover the entirety of Chiang Mai. These branches are in Phra Singha, Dara School and Chiang Mai University.

PS. If you are interested, then you can join them on their Live session on Facebook, with a chance to win lots of goodies!

– Accepts the 900 baht per year subsidies for dental health from Social Security. No need for pre-payment
– Accepts payment in installment with 0% interest for 10 months with K-bank cards (for dental treatment that is in the promotion)
– 999 baht for first time teeth alignment to celebrate our 11th anniversary
– Invite your friend for a 1,200 baht discount per month; unlimited invitation!
– ONTOP discount; 3,000 baht voucher for a discount

📌Pricing :
– Invisalign teeth alignment starts at 69,000 baht
– Ceramic veneer, smile like your favorite female lead in TV series 11,000 baht per tooth
– WINK SMILE X2 teeth bleaching (Clinic and at-home bleaching lit) 8,400.- from the usual 12,900.-
– Gummy Smile, gum contouring 7,900.- from the usual 12,000.-

📍Location :
Dentalme Phrasingh
Dentalme Dara school
Dentalme Chiang Mai University

Opening hours :
Mon – Sat 09.00-20.00
Sun 09.00-19.00

📌Contact Information
Tel : 053-244-106
Web :
FB : Dentalme Clinic Chiang-Mai
IG | Tiktok | Youtube


Groove dental clinic

Next up is the Groove dental clinic from the Chang Klan road area. The clinic has a minimalist decoration and a specialized doctor, who can handle every dental issue to make your teeth a lot more beautiful!

The services offered are veneer making, wisdom teeth removal, teeth alignment as well as teeth bleaching and gum contouring or even dentures making! This clinic can take care of your dental problems with a wallet-friendly price. With their more than 10 years of experience, you can be certain that you will leave the clinic brimming with satisfaction. They also offer free checkups and dental consulting service as well!

– Ceramic veneer from 12,000 baht per tooth is now 8,900 baht per tooth
– 10% discount for wisdom teeth removal and free X-ray
– Teeth alignment with specialized doctors and receive a 10% oral cleaning discount
– Cool light dental bleaching at 2,990 baht
– Special price 2,990 baht retainer (This price already included everything)

📍Location : 168/1-2 Chang Klan road, Chang Klan, city district Chiang Mai 50100

📌Opening Hours :
Mon – Fri 17.00–20.00
Sat – Sun 10.00–19.00

📌Contact Information
Tel : 061-090-9190
line : groovedc
FB : Groove dental clinic
IG : groovedentalclinic


LDC Dental Chiang Mai

The next clinic will end up as a favorite for people who love spacious clinics with a lot of facilities and anti-germs systems. This is the LDC Dental clinic from the Khu Muang Nai area.

The clinic has more than 30 years of history and is a regular sight for Chiang Mai people. Outside it is a very big clinic with a beautiful facade. The treatment and the facilities here are on par with the largest hospitals out there. The clinic is also equipped with an air circulation system that helps eliminate Covid-19 and other viruses too, so no more worries!

For those who need teeth alignment services or dental services in general with disinfected facilities, then this is the best choice out there!

📍Location : Sri Phum road (Khu Muang Nai) near Somporn Porridge

📌Contact Information
Tel : 053-418-115
FB : LDC Dental เชียงใหม่


Modern Smile Plus Dental Clinic

Here we have a clinic from Modern Smile Plus Dental Clinic. A dental aesthetic clinic with a fuzzy atmosphere like those found in a coffee shop. They are famous for their digital technology that convinced many Influencers and models to use their service. If you want your teeth to look like those of influencers, then this is the right place.

The clinic has been operating for more than 13 years. It is run by dentist Oil, a very cute and experienced dentist with more than 19 years of experience. She also has more than 10 years of experience in adjusting the shape of the teeth to alter the face geometry. A very talented dentist who will take care of you for the best result!

The place is also well-known for its invisible teeth aligning technology and a digital veneer that uses the iTero 3D scanner. She is also very talented at Electrosurgery as well!

If you want your teeth to look like that of celebrities or want to alter the geometry of your face with dental changes, then dentist Oil is ready to provide you with some recommendations free of charge.✨

📌Promotion :

⁃ 10% discount for plaque removal, cavity filling, teeth and wisdom teeth removal when you check in or like the page (once per year)
⁃ Social Security 900 baht subsidy for dental treatment. No need for prepayment (Free plaque removal, no additional charges)
⁃ Electrosurgery for gingivectomy to increase teeth height and dental bone filing, so the gum is more pronounced during a smile. 8,000 baht in total (Normally 1,500 baht per tooth)
⁃ Enhances the smile and teeth, like those of celebrities with ceramic veneer (12,000 baht per tooth)

⁃ Zoom clinic teeth bleaching 9,900 baht (Free! plaque removal and fluoride coating worth 1,500 baht)
⁃ Teeth alignment with metal tools, first time installment 999 baht (Free 10,000 goodies)
⁃ Käse Aligner invisible teeth alignment starting at 49,000 baht, payable in installment with 0% interest for 10 months with KTC card of pay directly with the clinic.
⁃ Invisalign teeth alignment starting at 59,000 baht. Payable in installment with KTC card at 0% interest for 10 months or pay directly with the clinic

📍Location : Clinic is behind Chiang Mai University, near the Chonlaprathan Canal Dyke road
Opening Hours : Mon – Sat 10.00 – 20.00

📌Contact Information
Tel : 099-134-2229
Line | Inbox
FB : Modern Smile Plus Dental Clinic
IG :


AADC – Aob Aun Dental Clinic

Let’s move on to a clinic with a really cute atmosphere that passed the “Quality Dental Clinic Chiang Mai”, Aob Aun Dental Clinic. This is a tiny clinic brimming with love and warmth just like its name.🥰 The clinic has a pool of talented dentist on hand too!

Some of the highlighted services here are: cavity fillings, teeth removal, plaque removal, teeth alignment, dental root, root canal treatment, dentures and wisdom teeth removal. They also have specialized dentists for children as well, really well-suited for children who have a phobia of dentistry.

In terms of teeth alignment, the clinic offers both metal and invisible braces. Metal braces are free of installation charges too! You can ask for a free consultation and decide on the best course of action later as well. If you have social security, then you can do it without prepayment. If you looking for a smile-filled clinic then this is the spot!🥰

📍Location : Near Ton Phayom market, Chiang Mai University, Khlong Chonlapathan road

📌Contact information
FB : AADC – Aob Aun Dental Clinic | Inbox
Tel : 061-5420666
Line ID : @aadc


Diamond Dent

Here we have the Diamond Dent dentistry clinic, right in the middle of the city in the Chang Klan area. The clinic has a very cute atmosphere with a modern and friendly vibe. Every case is handled by a highly specialized dentist with more than 10 years of experience. The clinic is also very safe with an air filtration system that will circulate the air, ensuring it is not contaminated.

The clinic is also famous for its retainer and teeth alignment, offering many different types of braces. These braces include metal braces that can be used while eating and bracket-chain type. They also offer after-installation services for old customers who lost or broke their braces. They also offer gum contouring, veneering, laser teeth bleaching, dental crowning, dental bridge and dentures. Everything your teeth could ever need with free advice on top as well! ✨ If you are looking for teeth alignment and retainers, this is the place you can’t miss!

📌Promotion :
– Teeth alignment with tool from the USA, 990 baht on a monthly installment
– Invisible retainer, starting at 5,000 baht
– Metal retainer wearable during meals, 7,000 baht per pair. Chain bracket type, 9,000 baht per pair. Price already includes molds and other equipment
– Transparent wire retainer, 2,999 baht per pair. 2,500 baht for old customers who need a new retainer.
– Laser teeth bleaching 3,900 baht (from 6,500 baht)
– Wisdom teeth removal 3,000-3,500 baht. Starting price is 800 baht
– Gum contouring starts at 2,000 baht
– Dental crowns / Ceramic Veneering starts at 8,000 – 10,000 per tooth