For those who have a plan to buy or sell a house, the thing that is significant and we can’t omit is “home inspection”. Owning a home is like a long-term investment, so we all need to get a perfect condition that won’t cause any problems later.

A home inspection will be the one that decides whether this property is worth buying or not. For us to acknowledge all the problems and repair them on time. It’s a very important process before depositing the money to reduce the risk of the building.

Thus, who are planning to get a new or secondhand house or condo, Lifesara already collected 11 home inspection companies in 2022 in this post. They’re all real professionals. If you are deciding to own a home, don’t forget to inspect it beforehand. Let’s take a glimpse at what the interested companies are.


MR.Sure inspector

If you’re still uncertain about the home before the transfer of ownership, you should get started with MR. Sure Inspector. It was established in 2017 for home inspection services, detached houses, townhomes, condos, and other buildings. The staff here are all experienced engineer specialists and certified. They’ve inspected houses for more than 5,000 units, so we can rely on them.

Don’t think about equipment. They have everything such as a drone for roof checkups, a thermoscan for humidity exams, and more. Any defect can’t be hidden from this company. If you’re looking for an experienced home inspector, here is the answer for you.

📍Location of the services :
– Bangkok and the outskirts
– Extra fee for out of town services

📌Contact information
FB : MR.Sure inspector รับตรวจบ้าน รับตรวจคอนโด | Inbox
Tel : 098-2897147 | 081-6156876
Web :
Line : @mr.sureinspector
E-mail :


Sabaijai Inspector

Get rid of the concern about looking for a house. Keep going with a home inspector that got a ton of reviews from celebrities, the Sabaijai condo inspector. It’s been opening for more than 10 years located at Sukhumvit 22. It’s also a place that is rich in experience, full of equipment and has an adept labor force such as civil engineers, electrical engineers, and mechanical engineers who are directly focused on construction.

Furthermore,a house and condo inspection is working with top construction companies in Thailand.The inspectors here also acquired the construction legislation,so we can be convinced thatbuying a new house is not our concern anymore.If you want to feel at ease like the company name,just step in. Be confident with home inspections.

📍Location of the services :
– Bangkok, outskirts, Pattaya, Chonburi and Hua Hin
– Inquiry for other areas not listed

📌Contact information
Web :
FB : Sabaijaicondo สบายใจคอนโด รับ ตรวจบ้าน ตรวจคอนโด โดยวิศวกร
Tel : 086-251-5566
Line :



Let’s continue with the home inspector for houses and condos by HC Inspector which is one of the top full real estate inspections. With 10 years of experience and reviews from customers, there is no doubt about its service and standard.

The prominent point isusing innovative technologies such as a 4k resolution drone for a roof inspectionand an infrared camera from the US to spot water leaking points.For a higher proficiency, there will be a professional engineer to take care of and a Center Service foradvice from the beginning until the transfer process. No concern for the properties.

📍Location of the services :
– Office is in Bangkok
– Branches cover more than 9 provinces such as Bangkok, Chonburi, Chachoengsao and Ayutthaya
(No commute fee)

📌Contact information
Tel : 095-950-1092
Line : @hcuinspector
Web :
FB : HCU Inspector รับตรวจบ้าน ตรวจคอนโด โดยวิศวกร


All We Check

Then we have a full services home inspector, All We Check. Taking care of more than 6,000 houses in 5 years. It has become a reliable company among users.

And absolutely, experienced specialized engineers who possess in-depth construction knowledge to solve all the defects and problems are here. Make sure that all the procedures and check-ups are fine and attentive.

All the premium equipment is used for the best result for home inspection; for example, roof checks by drone, internal and external construction, lighting and electricity, internal and external plumbing, architecture, and leaking.

Moreover, the inspection document will be provided both in English and Thai to make everything easier. If you want to get a home inspection, you shouldn’t miss this one.

📌Contact Information
Tel : 083-549-5708 | 095-656-9446
LINE ID : @allwecheck
FB : รับตรวจบ้าน ตรวจคอนโด ที่ปรึกษางานก่อสร้าง All We Check
Web :
Youtube : ALL WE CHECK


Qc Smart

Qc Smart is a place thatgathers all theprofessional engineers,architects, and electricians that have been working side by side with each other formingthe best team for more than 20 years.It has become a qualified home inspector company reviewed by many influencers and gained a lot of trust.

The prominent point of this company is using hi-tech equipment to inspect all the function spaces, never missing even a little spot. Because home is very important to take care of, if you need any help or have a question, they will always be ready to give you advice. No doubt that’s why people love and recommend Qc.

📍Location of the services :
– All over Thailand. We’ve been to about 40 provinces

📌Contact information
FB : Qc Smart บริษัทรับตรวจบ้านและอสังหาฯ
Line :
Web :
Tel : 098-456-7584


BCC Living Care Service

Next, here is the BCC Living Care Service home inspector. If you don’t want to have fussy problems or spend money to repair your home constantly. Here is the place that gathers experienced engineers who have inspected houses and condos for more than 7 years. They’ve done more than a thousand campaigns.

For home inspection here, they care every little detail and all the problems. Understanding all the defects in the house and finding the best solution according to engineering concepts. Doing this is to prevent after-sale defects and 100% inspection. In some cases, they will collaborate with the top real estate in Thailand to convince and encourage us that the result will be perfect.

Importantly, those who want help or advice about inspection, don’t worry about sneaky extra charges. Because BCC is ready to give you advice talking from the beginning up to the construction company. It matches their slogan which is “your happiness is our goal”. All the answers for home inspection are here.

📍Location of the services :
– All over Thailand (*Might have a commuting fee for out of town areas)

📌Contact information
FB : Bcc Living Care Service รับตรวจคอนโด ตรวจบ้าน ก่อนโอน ด้วยทีมวิศวกร
Web :
Line : @bccservice


PB inspector

Then we have the PB inspector, a professional home inspector with a skillful staff, who will help you examine houses, condos, detached houses, townhomes, and other buildings. It’s been open for about 6 years already.

This company was started by inspirationwhen the owner studied for a doctoratein civil engineering. Their friends bought a condo and asked them to examine it thoroughly.The experience and feeling from that timeare turning into a home inspector company where it attentively caresfor all details in the house.

For those who need help with homes, condos, and buildings, PB will be a place to advise you before transferring ownership. Significantly, they inspect the whole construction and building with the Non-Destructive Testing method by a certified specialist. It’s to encourage and create a trust for the home inspection. People who love homes shouldn’t miss this.

📍Location of the services :
– Bangkok and the outskirts

📌Contact information
Tel : 097-106-8947 | 084-081-3927
Line : @pbinspector
IG : PB_inspector
FB : PB Inspector บริการตรวจรับบ้าน คอนโด โดยวิศวกรที่มีใบประกอบวิชาชีพ


Zero Defect Inspector

Believing that many people are having problems after buying a house such as cracks, water seepage, collapsed floors, and even unfortunate after-sale services by the developer. Then you have no choice but to live in your home in that condition. Hence, Zero Defect Inspector home inspection company is established to change your unfortunate fortune to be lucky and peaceful.

Zero Defect Inspector is a company that has a history of more than 10 years. They inspect all details and the possibility of causing problems in the future. To make you convinced and defectless.

Their engineering teams are specialists and certified making sure that your inspection will be seen smoothly and throughly. Catching all the sneaky and fishy spots from the construction company. If you want to make difficult tasks easier, try Zero Defect Inspector. You will be pleased with the services.

📍Location of the services :
– Bangkok and outskirts with free commute
– Out of time will be charged by the distance (8 Baht per kilometer)

📌Contact information
FB : Zero Defect Inspector รับตรวจบ้านคอนโด โดยทีมวิศวกรมีใบประกอบวิชาชีพ
IG : zerodefecthome
Web :
LINE : @zerodefect
Tel : 062-523-9363


Key Homechecker

Next, we have the Key Homechecker home inspector that you can rely onbecause they are the first place in this countrythat creates home inspection automatic reports for ownersand developersto solve all the problemsreported immediately.It’s very accurateand fast to solve all the problems.

They’ve done construction work and been in that industry before, so they know all the processes in every detail. With that experience, they won’t let all the defects pass through easily and be a professional home inspector for more than 10 years.

They are selective for skillful and experienced people to summarize the works to engineers and associations. To make every department aware of the problem can come out with a solution quickly. It’s a place that lifts the home inspector standard.

📍Location of the services :
– All over the country (There will be a fee for commute depending on the distance)
– Organizations are at Bangkok, Chiang Mai and Sakhon Nakhon
– Located at 67/55 Pracha Chuen 33, Pracha Suk Rd, Wong Sawang, Bang Sue, Bangkok 10200

📌Contact information
Tel : 089-280-7185
FB : Keyhomechecker รับตรวจบ้านและคอนโดทั่วประเทศ
Web : | House and Condo appraisal click here


Thai Good House

Now we’ve reached another home inspection company by professional engineers, Thai Good House. With more than 20 years of experience with houses and condo inspection, they’ve taken care of from the start until the transfer process.Unquestioned that people really trust them and spread word of mouth constantly.

The prominent point is focusing on every detail; check-up, roof work, ceiling, internal and external walls, floor, doors and windows, stairs, bathrooms, electrical work unto plumbings. Their check-up will cover every part and will be reported to us. Know problems earlier, solve them faster.

Thus, if you’re planning to buy a new or secondhand house or condo, Thai Good House will be the option to help and make sure you own the best.

📍Location of the services :
– Located at 340 San Suk, Sukhumvit 36, Klong Toey, Bangkok 10110
– Accepted works in Bangkok and outskirts

📌Contact information
Line : sinthupong
FB :
Tel : 081-925-8285 | 02-258-6387
Web : | Portfolio all the works



Then, it is a full-option home inspection company that has all the equipment by Naklengban. Detached houses, campaign houses, and condos are all in their understanding and experience of home inspection. They know what and where to inspect electrical work, plumbing, architecture, and external works.

There are also design services, construction work, and home expansion. Think about home, think about Naklengban. Everything is here for you.

📌Contact information
Tel : 088-490-6990
FB : นักเลงบ้าน
Line : @naklengban
E-Mail :