Lots of people traveling to Singapore usually have the plan to hit on famous landmarks which cost some entrance fees making you sweat, but it’s worth it. However, if you have come to Singapore several times and get bored of the same attractions, you should change your mind and go to something natural in Singapore. It’s as good as the city.
Most parks in Singapore are huge and include so many zones that feel like a national park. We couldn’t go through every park, so we selected some signature places for you. If you’re ready to explore forests and mountains, we will bring you there!!
To let you know that visiting parks in Singapore is not easy. It’s for people who love to forest walk, climb, exercise or have plenty of time because check-in points are pretty further away. Some places allow you to bike, but others might not, which will make you tired.
Checklist for the park’s adventure
1. Wearing firm outfits such as sportswear, shorts, and t-shirts. Shouldn’t wear long sleeves, or pants because they make you hot.
2. Supplies should be in your backpacks; for example, a bottle to fill water, an inhaler, Sponsor, a flashlight, tissue, a handkerchief, a portable mini fan, and a power bank.
3. Eating before going on a trip because each park is far from the town and Singaporeans don’t eat while walking or having food stalls on the way. It’s difficult to find food.
🌱Benefits of Singapore Parks
The interesting part is that the internet reaches every area except someplace that is too deep, but you are still able to contact others. Also, you will realize how much they take care of their forests. You can do exercise and see views you might have never seen before. If you like something challenging, you will like it.
Today we, Lifesara, selected 16 parks and national parks with long routes. If you like any of these just go. At least when you come here you gotta make it worth. Let’s take a look at which one is interesting.


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This is a rough map of 16 Singapore parks that we made for those who’re interested can plan ahead where they want to go first.

Alexandra Arch

Let’s begin with the first one with wonderful views for those who like nature and some scent of modernity. You should visit Alexandra Arch, a walking bridge that covers Alexandra street.

Do you see that white arch, it’s designed by LOOK Architects company of Singapore and inspired by a fig leaf. The gate of the bridge has a nice curve, it’s a good spot to see views. It’s located in the same area as Southern Ridges. For the forest walkers, coming here will take quite some time, so if you ride a bike, it will save a lot of energy😂

📍Location (Open 24 hours)


Southern Ridges

This place is a nice Singapore park with many photo spots and forest walking routes all over the place, so you can choose where to go. Southern Ridges is an area connected to Mount Faber Park, Telok Blangah Hill Park, HotPark, Kent Ridge Park, and Labrador, a conservation park. These are all the options if you have a lot of time to spend!!

If you want to see trees, feel the natural breeze, watch birds, photo spots and do exercise; you can just walk along the way and you will be satisfied. The bridge is so far so if you find a rental bike spot, just take it. It’s super far, but the view is beautiful. Gotta be patient!!

Also, it has Henderson Waves that look like a caterpillar. If you want to know what it looks like, let’s move on to the next stop.

📍Location (Open 24 hours)


Henderson Waves

Henderson Waves is strange and beautiful at the first sight because it looks like a long caterpillar, wavy. It’s a park that connects Mount Faber Park and Telok Blangah Hill Park. It’s a bridge that people come to the most in Singapore.

Furthermore, the bridge is not only to see greenery, but you will see artistic architecture/wavy, which is a place for vegetation and animals. It’s a place for people who want to try living out of the city.

📍Location (Open 24 hours)



HotPark is a shady beautiful park that has activities about gardening, learning nature, vegetation centers, and other activities such as running dogs.

If you like plants, want to study about them, or find a place to relax and exercise, here is the answer for you. It’s nearby other parks and you can bike in here if you’re too tired. Get a good sweat.

Hours : Every day 06:00-23:00


Mount Faber Park

Another (un)secret park that can go to Sentosa. It’s one of the oldest parks in Singapore and there is a cable from Mount Faber to the island. It’s a popular tourist place that is heartwarming and you can see the gorgeous views of the skyline from above.

At the top, there is a binocular used to see the landscape. We recommend you dress casually or in sportswear because it’s exhausting. (P.S. It’s located near the Southern Ridges).



Jurong Central Park

It’s one of the Singapore parks which looks like a board game in human size. Wondering? We meant it’s a park to play at because it comes with a playground for children and a family meeting point.

It makes us feel young again. The fascinating part is we will see how Singaporean kids play, bike, and watch trees. It’s a park where you should come with family or friends.



Jurong Lake

The space here is wide and big, but it doesn’t make you feel tired because this area is full of a lake called Jurong and more greenery with plenty of photo spots. From this spot, you will see the cityscape.

Besides, if you want to see and feel nature scenes or study vegetation, coming here will teach you a lot. The freshwater swamp here is designed to reflect the history of Singapore’s nature.



OCBC Arboretum

Continuing with OCBC arboretum is full of Gallop houses from the ancient civilization of Singapore built in 1898, which became the Forest Discovery Centre at OCBC Arboretum while other parks are just full of trees.

In the house is a place to exhibit the ecosystem of Singapore emphasizing the importance of conservation. The time we went was too late, so they’re closed!! We didn’t have a chance to see inside, but didn’t forget to take a photo of the area around which was also fascinating.



Fort Canning Park

It’s another huge park where schools in Singapore usually bring students here to study nature. Because it’s big and wide, there are many spots you can choose to go to.

In this park, there are Sang Nila Utama Garden, Battle Box, and Tree Tunnel which you must visit in Singapore. It’s a significant landmark and easy to commute, because it’s close to the street and MRT North East Line Clarke Quay stop or MRT Downtown Line Fort Canning stop and another minute walk.



Sang Nila Utama Garden

Sang Nila Utama is one of the parks located in Fort Canning Park. By walking straight for 3 minutes, you’ll see the unique park with the ancient vibe.

Its design is like an old palace and animal statues that used to be around here such as frogs and ducks. There are separate gates like in old times. It’s so cool to take a picture at the center. If you prefer tranquil, gorgeous views and fresh air here is it.




Anyone who wants to see the underground bunker, Singapore fortress, that used to be a headquarters in World War II. Apart from a big park and many photo spots, there is a World War II museum inside as well. Battlebox is like an adventure corner to see the secret headquarters from World War II, which is 9 meters deep down underground (P.S. It’s the only place that you have to pay for the entrance).

Hours: Fri – Sun and public holidays 09:30 – 17:30


Tree Tunnel

Another highlight in Singapore you shouldn’t miss is a Heart shaped tunnel, a popular photo spot. We recommend you come in the morning so there will be fewer people. If you come after 9 am, people will just line up for so long. This place is a part of Fort Canning Park, a natural park for big activities.

If you come down from Battle Box, this tunnel will be underneath. If you come by bus and get to Dhoby Ghaut station, we will meet at the bottom part which is next to the street. Both ways are accessible.



War Memorial Park

This place is convenient to go to, because it’s close to the National Gallery within walking distance (But the weather is melting). It’s a war memorial that looks like a chopstick with 4 pillars representing the 4 tribes. It represents the harmony of all the tribes and recalls the victims of World War II.

We love to sit here because there are many benches, shady trees, and tranquility even though it’s close to the street. It’s one of the parks that have fresh air in the city area.



MacRitchie Reservoir

Anyone who wants to get air from the biggest reservoir in Singapore here it is. It doesn’t have only a reservoir but contains so many areas inside. There are lots of monkeys, so we recommend not provoking them positively.

For MacRitchie, we can walk through Tree Top Walk and Windsor Nature Park for those who want to get a long journey and study nature on the way. People who like to exercise such as runners, climbers, and paddlers usually come here.

We suggest if you don’t want to walk more than 11 kilometers, you should stay at the front of the park where there is a pavilion; otherwise, if you keep walking it’s exhausting. However, if you keep walking, you will see Treetop Walks, a 250 meters suspension bridge! It’s a place that is suited to praying and begging for something, let’s do it!



Windsor Nature Park

Windsor Nature Park opened in 2017 and it is new in Singapore with about 4-5 kilometers of route. The specialty of this place is many rivers flowing through little fish and bizarre trees on the way. It’s also connected to Tree Top walk and MacRitchie Reservoir, so you can walk to the destinations from any place.

But you have to exchange your energy!! Coming from MacRitchie Reservoir is about 10 kilometers and it takes about 1 – 2 hours depending on your pace.

The part that we like here, is we can see animals up close such as wild boars, squirrels, frogs, and rabbits. People coming here usually bring a big pro camera and film a documentary. As we see it we want to film it as well😂



TreeTop Walk

Let’s wrap it up with Tree Top Walk, a 25 meters suspension bridge, where you will meet the top of the beautiful trees parallel to the skyline watching various species of birds flying. You’ll also get fresh air. This is another forest walk path highlighted from MacRitchie to here.

The entrance at Windsor Nature Park is connected to here as well. Entering from anywhere will take about 1 – 2 hours for the walk because it’s deep and further deep inside. We recommend you follow the signs instead of GPS. It’s closed at 17:30, so hurry a bit; otherwise, you will be shaky when you see it’s closed~