With how paint bars and cafes with art activities are taking over many social networks by the storm, we at Lifesara just have to go and find out all the best places to go and let loose your inner artist! Share our post and tag your friends, your family, your lover, and go on the tour with us ✨👀


FUN Café Bangkok

📍 Location 419, Maha Phruettharam Rd, Bang Rak, Bangkok
🕙 10.00 – 19.00 (Closed on Tuesday)

Our first stop is a minimal-style cafe with a concept of “eat good, play better” that not only stocks up delicious treats and drinks but also has a wonderful activity for you to do!

Their signature here is “FUN Signature Canvas Cake ”, a white cake serves with colored creams and a paintbrush, so that you can draw on your blank canvas to your heart’s content!



📍 Location (Sukumvit 42)
🕙 07.00 – 19.00 (Open everyday)

The next cafe is as cute as the first place. This cafe doesn’t serve just foods and drinks though, but also has many stationeries and art tools for sale too!

But one activity that no guest can leave this place without trying at least once, is their White Basque Cheesecake, served with colorful creams to paint on the white cheesecake canvas. If you’re in Sukhumvit, you really have to add this place to your must-visit list!


Paint Bar Bangkok

📍 Location (Sukumvit 49)
🕙 10.00 – 19.30 (Closed on Monday)

After our warm-up from the casual cafe, it’s time for us to paint on an actual canvas. This cafe has a lot of pictures we can use as our model here, and we can spend 2 hours painting them during one of the four daily sessions this cafe offers.

If you’re afraid that painting a decent picture is beyond your skill, it’s alright, because there’s always some staff around to help you. So if you feel like being in dire need of art therapy, Paintbar Bangkok is here for you.


Khensee x Cafe

📍 Location (Ram Inthra Rd, Bang Khen)
🕙 10.00 – 19.00 (Fully open from Sat-Sun, weekdays require reservation)

If you’re somewhere in Ram Inthra, and need some art therapy, get yourself to Kheansee x Cafe. Aside from the usual cafe foods and drinks, this place also has a painting workshop with staff on hand to assist any amateur artists here.

Kheansee x Cafe’s Facebook and Instragam will keep an up-to-date calendar of which painting model is available each day, so you can choose the workshop you want and reserve your spot on that day.


Soul Salt River City

📍 Location (Chareonkrung 24)
🕙 11.00 – 20.00 (Open Everyday)

Soul Salt River City is unlike many other because its painting area is covered with sand and look out to the river view of Chao Phraya, making you feel like you’re painting on the beach!

Once again, do not let your lack of painting skills stop you, because there are staff here to help you as well.


Monday To Sunday Art Cafe

📍Location (Thong Lo 13)
🕙 10.00 – 20.00 (Open everyday)

This last place on our list is also a combination of the art workshop and cafe but also being child-friendly as they also offer a small canvas as well, which in this case is also free!

Lastly, another uniqueness of this cafe is that they offer their space for small-scale events as well! Whether it’s a birthday party or a fan club meeting, you can reserve this cafe for free! This place is one of the best places to keep in mind next time you plan an outing!