One of the most popular exercises that take over the world by storm is cycling. After all, riding bicycles isn’t just about burning your fat, but also the excitement from actually going somewhere with your burned energy too! But of course, one of the biggest challenges of cycling is to find where you can ride a bike. Because this is Thailand, the country that always parking itself somewhere among the top charts of the worse things about traffic; Vehicle accidents, long traffic time, air pollution from cars.

Seriously, the kindest thing you can do to yourself here is to NOT ride your bike in the car lane. Braving Thai roads requires high biking skills, awareness of your surrounding, and a nerve of steel. You would not be the first, nor the last cyclist to get hit by a motorcyclist, a car, or other things on the road, and ended up with either nasty wounds, disability, or death.

But that doesn’t mean Bangkok isn’t a city for cyclists, because we actually have lots of attractions created solely to satisfy that craving for a stretching distance. Just like these 6 high quality cycling routes in Bangkok that build with cyclists in mind, so you can take your bike (or just your muscle) there and work them through their pace! Here, take a look!

Or more commonly known as Skylane⚡️ This place is a cooperation between SCB bank and Airports of Thailand company to turn the empty space in Suvarnabhumi Airport into a bike lane where you can watch the air traffic (and maybe trying to race a plane)🛫✨

Even better is the fact that this place has no entry fee!! Just a bit of strict rules such as only cloth shoes inside, or no carrying food into the area. It’s mostly just a common safety precaution, however, so just dress for exercise and you’re good to go! And the difficulty here is for cyclists of every skill, too! You can choose the track that works best for your capability, and every trail has many resting areas along the way as well!

⭐️ These are 3 main lanes to choose from:

💙 Blue Track (23.5 km.): For low-speed cycling, this track is good for anyone who just wants a leisure ride.

💜 Purple Track (23.5 km.): Speed demon challenge; This track is only for the hardcore cyclist who intended to go fast and go hard all the way! Not for the faint of heart!!

🖤 Cycling and Jogging Track (1.5 km.): Warm-up track for cyclists and runners alike! If you’re a casual rider, coming here with elders or children, or still learning how to cycle, this track is for you!

Open hours : 06.00-21.00
Location : Thanon Suvarnabhumi 3, Bang Phli, Samut Prakan

Bang Kachao is an artificial island on the Chao Praya river that has been turned into a public park, one of “The lungs of Bangkok”🏞 This large area has a well-maintained road where you can take your bike for a spin, 🧤rent a bike from there for 50 – 80 Baht per day, or just take a stroll or even run for a few hours. Even if you’re not so keen on exercise, Bang Kachao still being a place where you can find a bunch of snacks and have a picnic, too!

Open hours : 05.00-18.00
Location : MH62+HM8, Ban Ratchadawan Alley, Song Khanong, Phra Pradaeng District, Samut Prakan

This park is not just a bike park, but also a mountain bike playground in Bangkok 🚲 The area has ample space for both a casual biking track for usual cyclists, and an adventure trail where a daring cyclist can ride their mountain bike over a log, curve bridges, hills, and many other obstructions!⛰ This place also has many staffs to keep their eyes on the entire trail, along with a bike-theme cafe where you can grab a bike and refill your energy🍩

Open hours for mountain bike track
-Friday: 12.00-20.00 -Saturday: 9.00-20.00
-Sunday and every national holiday: 7.00-20.00 (Temporally close at 16.00-18.00)

Location : RJ8H+HMC, Khlong Chan, Bang Kapi District, Bangkok


Benchakitti Park

Another “lungs of Bangkok” that many Thai health nuts choose for their exercise.

This public park has recently been renovated with more facilities for cyclists, especially the new bike lane!! You can start the route riding among the trees and the ponds, and next thing you know you’ll find yourself high up on the skywalk><💗

Open hours : 06.00-17.30
Location : Ratchadaphisek Rd, Khlong Toei, Bangkok

Cr. Pic

Also known as the train park🚂, because this area used to be the State Railway of Thailand company’s golf club, which is also why this place is very large!! Rod Fai Park has also recently built the bike lane so everyone can ride a bike here without weaving through the joggers as well! So bring your bike along, or grab one from one of the rental shops nearby for less than a hundred Baht a day!

Aside from all the plants and garden, the park is also filled to the brim with many photogenic corners!! So don’t forget to bring your camera along if you love taking a photo! Besides, the park itself can be enter for free👀❤️

Open hours : 05.00 – 21.00
Location : Kamphaeng Phet 3 Rd, Chatuchak, Bangkok


Bhumiphol Bridge Park

Under this engineering marvel of a bridge is a riverside park with a cooling breeze, especially in the evening🧊💕 If you want to ride for some distance, just take your bike to the walkway next to the river and you can cycle with a river view and calm atmosphere🧤👀

Open hours : –
Location : MGGQ+9PG, Bang Phong Phang, Yan Nawa, Bangkok