Are you one of those people who hate throwing away or donating your precious belongings? Needing that extra space for your stuff because you are renovating or clearing your house? Or are you a merchant needing some storage space for your goods for later? All of these problems can be easily solved if you use the service of a reliable storage company.
We live in an age where we don’t need to throw out or donate away our beloved belongings anymore as storage services nowadays offer a choice of storage space for you to choose from that can fit almost any scale of use be it large or small.
If you are looking for a storage space then today is your lucky day as Lifesara has put together a list of storage facilities for you. Your menacing mountain of belongings will be a thing of the past once you use these facilities, as for where these facilities are, let’s go and find out.
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City Storage

The first facility on our list is City Storage, a trending storage facility in Thailand located in the Pratu Nam area and the Charansanitwong area. This facility is suitable for those who need storage space of various sizes as the space they offer starts from only 4 m2 all the way to 3,000 m2. These storage spaces come in many forms of service such as…

– Locker
– Storage
– Wine Cellar
– Travel Suitcase
– House/Condo moving
– Overflowing stocks
– Collectors
– Documents and office supplies

The building is also packed with numerous private logistics companies that can help stock up goods for online merchants who are renting the storage as well. If you are looking for a comprehensive warehouse that is in a convenient location then this is the best place. ✨✨

– 50% discount for Pratu Nam branch
– 60% discount for Charansanitwong branch

Pratu Nam branch
Charansanitwong branch

📌Contacts Informations
Tel : 086-800-4141
Line : @citystorage
FB : City Storage


REDD Premium Self Storage

Next up we have the storage space from REDD Premium Self Storage that focuses on customer’s convenience 24/7 around the clock. This facility is well-known for its service, grand scale and comprehensiveness. They offer large indoor transfer points and storage of all sizes as well as other services such as:

– Drive-in room for extra convenience, good for collection of luxury cards and e-commerce goods
– Air-conditioned floor with controlled humidity between 45 – 55%
– Humidity controlled floor suitable for general goods with the humidity level at around 50 – 60%
– Auxiliary equipment such as carts and ladders on-demand as well as large goods elevators for moving goods, moving a house or office for locations both domestic and abroad.

Door to Door service
– SCG Express logistic service
– Packaging and transporting service
– Packaging and shipping to foreign location
This is probably the best and the safest storage location that you could choose for your needs!

⏰Opening Hours :
– Open-Close : 9.00 – 18.00
– Access hours : 24/7

📌Contact Informations
FB : REDD Premium Self Storage
Line : @reddglobal
IG : reddglobal
Web :
TEL : 092-369-6514
Email :



Next up we have the space rental company ARYU. The company has 2 branches which are located near the Ladkrabang motorway and industrial zone and another branch as Laem Chabang, which makes them very easy to reach. ARYU’s highlight have to be their Mini Warehouse service which offer a spacious, clean and safe storage with these characteristics:

– Flexible space that could be increased or decreased according to business needs without needing to make a new contract along with solutions that matches the customer’s demand such as:
– Storage space documentation service for FDA approval
– 24/7 access to the goods via a personal password that allows you to always access the warehouse and control your stock level.

– Heavy securities that utilize personal passwords and CCTV coverage controlled by a central hub with securities staff always on standby.
– Meeting rooms and office for e-commerce customers that need a place for a meeting
– Packaging area for merchants and businessmen that is convenient to use.
Be it long term or short-term work, this facility can really help you out with minimal hassle at no extra fees too!

⏰Opening Hours :
– Office Hours : Mon – Fri. 09:00 – 18:00
– Access Hours : 24/7 Daily

📌Contact Informations
Tel : 082-208-2836 (สาขาลาดกระบัง) | 095-828-2288 (สาขาแหลมฉบัง)
Line : @aryuglobal
FB : ARYU Self Storage
IG : aryuglobalbrand
Website :