🔍Do you know that the rubber stamp in Thailand serves much more purpose than an artistic tool, but is also an integral part of business in Thailand, both for marketing and legality 🤣 The marketing part is that you can stamp your logo on various packaging commonly found in the market so your product can make much more impression on your customer’s memory than just a drink in a blank paper cup you can find in every Makro.
The legality part, however, is the important part for every business that has been registered properly with the Thai Department of Business Development (DBD), because the legal document that can be submitted to the tax office and every other administration requires “company stamp” on the paper to be considered valid!
Even if you’re a freelance or a digital nomad, if you need to deal with Thai documents frequently, making a rubber stamp with your name (and maybe a blank space for a signature) to put some ink on those paper sure is handy! But whatever your reason will be, LifeSara still has these 5 rubber stamp makers to fulfill your every order wherever you’re in Thailand! We have already vetted them all for their reliability, so you can shop through our list right away, no worries! All order is only a single chat away!

PP Stamp

Our first maker comes with the high-quality rubber that after being cast into a stamp of your choosing, can easily last up to a decade! Another benefit of that material is that no matter how detailed your stamp design will be, both the material and the maker’s expertise will make your stamp accurate down to the very last corner!

So whether you want a simple name stamp, a minimal logo stamp, a company stamp, or even a full address stamp for many parcels in your online shipping business, you can trust PP Stamp to get the job done in a short time, especially if you’re in the hurry! You can even streamline your stamping job by ordering the self-inked version, too!!


Line : @ppstamp
Email : sale.ppstamp@gmail.com
Web : ppstamp.com
FB : PPstamp ตรายางออนไลน์ ส่งทั่วไทย


Maeklong Graphic

This family business from the city of Pla Thu (short mackerel) can easily compete with the bigger shop thanks to the top-tier quality and care that pour into every stamp they made!

From the rubber, ink, and handle, to the laser printer that regularly changes, MaeKlong always keep their product and technology at the cutting edge as always, even if they have to import many of those materials from Japan and USA! And if you want some stamp passports, name cards, or even brochures to go with the stamp itself, Maeklong is the shop for you!

– Free design and delivery
– Free 10 ml. of ink for Flash Stamp order
– 1 Year warranty for the rubber part. If the rubber on your stamp is broken during warranty, you get the new one free of charge!!

📌 Contact
FB : แม่กลองกราฟิก ทำตรายางด่วน ฉลากสินค้า สติ๊กเกอร์ งานป้ายทุกชนิด
Inbox : graphicmaeklong
LINE : @mkg864


Tra Yang 888

But if you rather put your trust in the old player of this market, Tra Yang 888 has been making rubber stamps for more than 20 years! So if you want something better than just a ye olde rubber stamp, you can actually get a resin stamp here! But no matter the material, Tra Yang 888 will design your stamp, for free! And they deliver everywhere in Thailand!

📍Location : Ratchadamnoen Road, Kamphaeng Phet

FB : ตรายาง888


Mana Print

Next up we got an online stamp maker for everyone with minimal need! So if you’re looking for some small stamps for a cartoonish logo or your initials, take a quick look through their shop right here. None of that detailed designing session whatsoever!! ✨

📌Online Store
Lazada : MaNa Print



For those who’re not looking for just some rubber stamp, but also all the stationaries you’ll need to open the new office as well, you can come to Fahsaistamp and get all your shopping done at once! Not only will Fahsaistamp design your rubber stamp for free, but they can also design your unique fonts too! 🥰

📌Online Store
Lazada : Fahsaistamp