Are you looking for some new exercise to try? Something not as intense as boxing or gym session, but also not put too much focus on meditation like Yoga? Looks like you need some Pilates in your life!

Pilates is similar to Yoga in the way that you won’t have to wear out your muscles and joints with a lot of hitting or jumping, nor will you have to push yourselves to exhaustion over and over to ‘exercise’. Instead, you’ll slowly build up your endurance, flexibility, and overall strength throughout each session without too much stress on your body.

But where Yoga will make you do a lot of meditation and breathing control as you assume various twisting stances, Pilates is all about the body, focusing on building your muscles to be strong and flexible, correcting the unhealthy positions your body is stuck in that will cause pain or worse, office syndrome. And it is very good for building the body shape you want, too! If you’re interested, you can check out these three Pilates studios in Bangkok that LifeSara has checked them all out for you!

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The SPACE Bangna Pilates Studio

Our first studio is the rising star of Pilates studio in the Bangna district; The SPACE Bangna Pilates Studio! This studio has every equipment you’ll need for Pilates training, and you can choose to join a group class or even go solo! No matter how old you are or how your health was beforehand, SPACE’s trainers will be able to devise a specialized course that fits your condition, so everyone can try it!

From children, elders, and pregnant women, to athletes or office workers, pilates will let you burn your excess energy safely while also correcting your posture back to the healthy position!

📣Special Promotion Only For LifeSara’s Fanpage
Just by showing this page to their staff, LifeSara’s followers can join The Space’s group session one time for FREE🔥 Or you can choose to get a discount for one private session at 1,999 Baht! (From 3,000 Baht) And if you decided to buy a course from The Space, you can get a 500 Baht discount, too! (Conditions are as specified by the company.)

📍Location : 549 Lasalle. Khwaeng Bang Na, Khet Bang Na, Bangkok 10260

Line : @thespacebangna
FB : The Space Bangna
IG : thespacebangna
Tel : 095-465-5539


Three Studio Pilates

Next up we got a studio for Thonburi folks that are very convenient to travel to because Three Studio is in Seacon Bangkae convenience store! (with its own MRT station!!) Three Studio has been teaching more than 3,000 students by their trainers with more than 8 years of experience!

This studio is fully equipped with imported grade equipment for every pilates stance, and the staffs here are well-trained in physical therapy, too! From the usual office syndrome to various problems with your spines and joints, come over to Three Studio and they’ll design a training regiment just for you.

But the regiment design is a feature for healthy people, too! Because everyone has a different distribution of fat and muscles and comes with different levels of endurance and free time, so Three Studio takes great care in putting together a training course that will suit your condition, while also working toward to goal you aimed for!

📌Promotion :
– Combo package (1 month or 10 group sessions): 4,500 Baht
– 3 Months package with 20 group sessions and 3 private classes: 12,900 Baht

📍Location : Seacon Bangkae, Fl.5

FB : Three studio/พิลาทิส ฝั่งธนบุรี บางแค กัลปพฤกษ์ บางบอน
Web : Three studio


Gaya Yoga Pilates Studio

The last studio is in the Rama III area, and this place is women-only as well! If any lady feels like a big group is too much, but also doesn’t want to pay much more to go solo, Gaya is the best choice for you because every class will have 4 students only! Since the group is much smaller, Gaya’s training will be adjusted to best suit all the students there, which means more freedom, and flexibility, and fits both your capability and expectation much more than anywhere else! The trainers here have more than 5 years of experience, so if you get annoyed or anxious from doing pilates in the crowd, Gaya is a safe place to begin your journey!

Line : @gayayoyapilates
Tel : 096-154-2966