Buying a pair of eyeglasses in Thailand is usually not going to cost you more than a thousand Baht, two thousand at most. So when you see a pair of eyeglasses in Thailand that goes up to a hundred thousand Baht, it is understandable that your first thought will be skeptical. But this brand of eyeglasses has quite a few reasons why, and they’re all good enough that even US athletes must come to Thailand to get a pair of ISOPTIK!!

“ISOPTIK”, the eyeglasses that will make you rich! What!? How can a pair of eyeglasses make its wearer rich?? Because ISOPTIK’s progressive glasses are so well designed they can correct every different eyesight problem within a single pair! With their fitting process that lasts up to three hours, your prescription will be meticulously calculated so you can see at every distance without changing your eyeglasses or suffering from headaches! Also, most of their customers guaranteed that ISOPTIK’s glasses help them to work for much longer hours as they reduced eye fatigue from looking at the screen! Since you can work longer without break, your work will finish faster, so you can do more work within your working hours, and get more money! That is why ISOPTIK’s glasses can help you get rich✨

The cheaper common eyeglasses may be adjusted to your prescription, but it is not entirely, and you will have to spend some time adjusting yourself to it instead, which leads to blurring vision, faulty depth perception, headache, and nausea!

But that is why ISOPTIK is a league above those common glasses! Because their innovation in eyesight fitting means that their glasses will be the ones that adjust to you! And not YOU who have to adjust to them!! So every ISOPTIK’s glasses must be tailored to the exact prescription of every single customer so that your eyes can work at its 100% immediately once you put them on👍🏻

But there’s more than that! Today, LifeSara will take you on a tour behind ISOPTIK’s shop to see what is it all about! Why did so many people willing to pay more than a hundred thousand Baht for a single pair of eyeglasses? And why must they wait up to 3 months for their making!? When a common brand can make their glasses in only a few hours? Now if you wondered why, let’s take a look! ✨


Why Must ISOPTIK Takes More Than Three Hours To Find The Right Prescription!?

Because ISOPTIK doesn’t use the common machine you can find in every other dispensary, but instead, they use the special 3D digital technology!

This 3D technology is not the only reason for the longer time ISOPTIK takes, because you will also be examined by their optometrist as well! Because your eyesight problem sometimes can’t be solved just by slapping some glasses on but might actually require a medical procedure to correct them! And ISOPTIK is caring enough to make sure you won’t buy a glasses that will solve nothing, so they have their own optometrist clinic within their shop to make a careful examination first, then forward you to the other medical specialist for further procedure if needed! After all, ISOPTIK believes that “Life is Beautiful and Sight is Life”.

And many customers who will be looking for progressive glasses are adults aged 40 and more, which is also the age group where other eye problems such as cataracts, glaucoma, and diabetic retinopathy can emerge as well! Those problems can’t be solved with eyeglasses, however, which is why the optometrist is needed.

In this way, the optometrist can advise you on whether you should get eyeglasses or not, or how much better will you see with ISOPTIK eyeglasses and your current condition, so you can make an informed decision whether to buy them or not.

So if your eye condition really needs medical treatment rather than eyeglasses, ISOPTIK’s optometrist will be honest with you. After all, a single pair of progressive glasses can be more expensive than a car! And ISOPTIK doesn’t want you to throw that money away for no reason!!


ISOPTIK Is Designed To Be A Part Of You To The Point You Take A Shower With Them On!!

Our next reason is that ISOPTIK sells its lens and frames separately. Both of them come with premium quality and warranty, of course, but while their lenses will be ground only by the best of the best, their frames are coming in a wide range of materials and price ranges! You can get cheaper beta titanium with their less strength and price, or go with the real titanium, or even up to white gold, rose gold, or platinum (with diamonds!!) if you want your glasses as a fashion statement as well!

Have you ever wondered why some glasses cause a ‘nose mark’? The answer is that glasses have an imbalance in weight distribution! But you will never get that problem with the ISOPTIK frame because their artisans will make sure that the frame distributes its weight down equally everywhere. No more red nose! No more temples squeeze!

Even better is that ISOPTIK’s frame can be adjusted to your head shape!! Honestly, we have never seen an adjustable frame’s legs before, but this is where we found them! From leg length to lens size, everything on the frame can be adjusted to your specification by ISOPTIK’s skilled artisans! They are really investing in zero adjustments on the user’s side!

And the lens itself also comes in various choices; Polarized, UV protection, scratch-resistant, and even the prescribed photochromatic lenses that can be prescribed eyeglasses and sunglasses at the same time! You can even have them grind your lenses thinner for less weight, too!


World Class Optician With More Than 50 Years Of Experience

First of all, we need to mention that ISOPTIK is a brand that devoted itself to progressive glasses for every lifestyle, with faulty depth perception to make you stumble around!

Progressive lenses are different from the usual corrective lenses by having more than one focus point. While the commonly prescribed glasses will correct either near-sight or far-sight problems, progressive lenses can correct both problems at once, which is very helpful for older adults that needed to carry up to three eyeglasses everywhere in their daily life!

But other opticians can make progressive lenses, too!

It’s not like ISOPTIK is the only one who can make it. So why must foreigners fly all the way to Thailand for ISOPTIK’s glasses?? Because ISOPTIK has a world-class optician and his innovation, that’s why!!

That optician is “Master Bobi” who is a progressive lens specialist that has invented up to 144 progressive lens patterns that can match every customer’s eyesight like never before! With his almost biggest selections of lenses to paired with many people with their own specific vision, Master Bobi’s progressive lens is considered one of the best globally!

You can first try to find your closest match from their 12 lens category first, and once you found the best match, each category also has 12 different types inside that you can try! 12 lens types in 12 categories, that’s the 144 lens patterns that you can try so ISOPTIK’s lenses will the most precise match to your vision like no other brand can be!!

If the common eyeglasses already make you feel like watching an HD TV, ISOPTIK’s progressive lenses will be the new 4K UHD that let you see the world around you smoothly like never before!! Because the best-fitted prescription can’t be found with just a single machine, but required an ISOPTIK level of skills and technology to find both your vision condition and progressive segment at the same time!


6 True Stories That Make ISOPTIK’s Customers Loyal To This Brand

If anyone has ever bought their eyeglasses from ISOPTIK, most of them never brought their glasses anywhere else ever again! The reason for that?

  1. Because ISOPTIK has one of the most precise eye condition examinations that have surprised and made many people fall in love with ISOPTIK brand right then and there!
  2. There is a master artisan here who has can design progressive lenses with precision anyone can rarely ever match!
  3. Every staff is well-trained in operating every tool needed, and qualified to answer every question about eyeglasses in detail! All of this is to create the most precise progressive glasses as technologically possible in present! The best precision requires the best professional!
  4. There will be no pressure selling in this shop because customer’s health and satisfaction are the most important goal here. If your glasses are not as good as they’re supposed to be, your lens cost will be completely refunded!
  5. Every eyeglass will be designed precisely just for you! Because ISOPTIK’s glasses must be created one by one, it can take from 1 to 3 months to create!
  6. ISOPTIk’s true product is not the glasses, but the high-end quality of eyesight!

You can read further reviews from their more than 120 customers to see just how satisfied they are with ISOPTIK! >>


ISOPTIK’s Glasses Are Tailor-Made Just Like A Suit!

One of the famous services many people come to Bangkok for is to get a suit. But there’re 2 types of suits you can get;

1. Mass-produced suit.
Economic price, acceptable texture, not form-fitting, or even need further adjustment.

2. Tailor-made suit
Custom-made from your detailed proportion. A significant investment, but will significantly improve the wearer’s comfortability, confidence, and others’ impression of the wearer.

And which one of them is ISOPTIK? Number 2, of course! ISOPTIK doesn’t use just only your eye condition to create your glasses, but also takes your lifestyle and behavior into account! Your glasses will fit only you, and you won’t find any glasses elsewhere that will let you see everything as clear as ISOPTIK!!


Eyeglasses That Surgeons Choose For More Than Hundred Surgeries!

For many years already that ISOPTIK remains one of the most precise eye test services in Thailand. Not only will your eyesight condition be taken into account, but also your medical history, lifestyle, how much time you spend in front of the screen, and what kinds of the screen they are. All of these will be combined into an ultimate eyeglass that’ll fit in the best with your eyes and behavior!

This level of precision is why many of ISOPTIK’s customers come from various intense careers that required perfect eyesight, from shooting athletes and golfers to surgeons from many medical fields such as neurosurgery, orthopedic, vascular and maxillofacial!

These professionals need their eyes at peak performance for many hours a day, so ISOPTIK’s meticulous screening and lens fitting resulted in the perfect eyeglasses that allow them to do exactly that, which is why many professionals in and out of Thailand trust ISOPTIK!

“If you don’t know enough about your routine to tell them, what’ll happen?”

Don’t worry about that, ISOPTIK has been doing this long enough to take this situation into account. Their staff is armed with guidelines and simulation processes that’ll allow their opticians to get the data as closest as possible to reality, so they can tailor-made your lenses exactly how your eyes needed!


Eyeglasses That Is More Than Just A Glasses, But Also Your Entire Daily Life!

Because good eyeglasses should never cause you to take them off to see something. That defeats the purpose of eyeglasses and makes them more at risk of being broken or getting lost. So ISOPTIK designs their glasses to be something you can put on and seeing everything clearly no matter the distance!

Because a precise prescription is tailored 100% to your vision condition, putting ISOPTIK glasses on should make you see everything clearly no matter how long you look at it, just like how people with healthy eyesight feel! Especially now that most people working and playing in front of the screen for nearly the entire day and night, an eyeglass that let you spend your day how you want with no fatigue is an investment that you’ll never regret!


Main Reason Why Customer Must Choose ISOPTIK?

Some customers have tried to make other opticians replicate the eyeglasses they brought from ISOPTIK before, but not of them can ever create an eyeglass as comfortable as ISOPTIK did.

“So those customers always came back”.

Many of ISOPTIK’s customers thoroughly enjoyed their glasses and give advice to their acquaintances to come to get some new eyeglasses here, and those acquaintances would also eventually become ISOPTIK’s loyal customers as well.

It also helps that when the non-believer who thought that ISOPTIK’s glasses are no different from other common brands comes to their shop and tries ISOPTIK’s, they can see a clear difference that no one else can replicate! Most of them become customers soon after.


“Just compare your current glasses with ISOPTIK’s, and you’ll know right away which one to choose.”

When their customer tries their glasses, ISOPTIK would let the customer switch between their old glasses and the tester glasses to their heart’s content. And once the customer puts the new pair on, most of them can see the difference right away and choose ISOPTIK from then on.

This is how ISOPTIK can remain the leading brand for more than 15 years despite its steep price! After all, it was their customer who told them that wearing ISOPTIK had allowed them to work more, and so increased their income, as well!

This is why you can get rich by wearing ISOPTIK! It’s because you can work more, get tired less, and you can keep your concentration for longer! And once your working hours are over, you would still have the energy to spend time with your family, work on your hobbies, or even educate yourself further! Just get a good pair of eyeglasses, and you can take your life back.


Why are their customers are so loyal to this brand?

Attentive Customer Care From Your First Step Into ISOPTIK

Once you set foot into ISOPTIK, you’ll be looked after by their mindful staff. If you have to wait, there’ll be free drinks and a charging station for your electronic device. And most importantly, there’ll be no pressure selling at all!!

After Sales Service With Actual Care For Their Customer

After your purchase, ISOPTIK still doesn’t wash its hands from you yet! They’ll keep in touch with you in 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, and up to 1 year after that to make sure that your glasses still worked as intended or not! And of course, should your glasses need a few adjustments, you can always drop in for some touch-up!


How Long Can Eyeglasses Last?

  1. On average, a pair of prescription glasses can last from 1 to 3 years if your eyesight condition hasn’t deteriorated rapidly.
  2. Because your lifestyle also affects your eyesight, as well! The long screen time either for work or entertainment can change your eyesight condition faster than normal. But if you have invested in corrective lenses of better quality, like ISOPTIK’s for example, your eye condition can change much slower, which also means the longer you can stick to your current glasses!
  1. Nonetheless, your glasses’ lifetime still depends on how good you have taken care of them, too! So take good care of your glasses, and your glasses will take good care of you!!

Extreme Price Comes With Extreme Quality Is The Secret Of The Trade

And how did we know that? Because many of ISOPTIK’s customers give glowing reviews that the good eyeglasses improved not just their sight, but also their physical and mental health!

Many people didn’t realize just how closely related eye condition and brain performance are! The more energy and attention the brain reroutes to compensate for eyesight’s lacking performance, the less care the other body functions received, which leads to worse health overall!!

So when you got a pair of eyeglasses that allows your eyes to work 100%, less stress on your brain, which means the better care for overall body functions, the better your mood and your health will be!

So a good pair of eyeglasses is like a long-term investment for your health! And ISOPTIK has always been able to fulfill that needs, so their customers remained loyal to this brand after all this time!


Premium Quality Glasses With Various Price Ranges

If you finally getting interested in ISOPTIK, the good news is you don’t need to have 100,000 Baht laying around to get your hand on them! ISOPTIK only sells progressive lenses, of course, but their price starts from 8,000 Baht for the lenses and frames of more common materials. Nonetheless, your glasses will be fitted and adjusted from the lenses to the frame with the same amount of skills and attention just like the expensive ones!

And if you still doubt their quality, ISOPTIK has a 1-year warranty for every purchase, no matter the price range! If you can’t see clearly or remain unsatisfied with the glasses, ISOPTIK will give you a full refund of the lenses’ cost! You don’t have to pay the price upfront, either! Because ISOPTIK has three installment plans of 4 months, 6 months, and 10 months with 0% mark up in every plan!


ISOPTIK Is Always Ready For Global Change

“In the future, the world will change, so ISOPTIK will not become stagnant. Our new target group will be the adolescent who developed eyesight issues much sooner than before, including photophobia and frequent staring.”

Also, ISOPTIK intends to remain the leader in the global eyeglass market, even aiming to develop AI specifically for eyesight condition diagnosis and corrective lens fitting with even more precision. Soon, ISOPTIK’s customers can buy their prescription glasses anywhere in the world. No need to fly all the way to Thailand!

There’s really nothing else to show that ISOPTIK isn’t worthy of its cost. But you can always see with your own eyes, because if your glasses really aren’t up to par, ISOPTIK is ready to refund you 100%!

So let us conclude with ISOPTIK’s quote of the following:

“Quality of sight is equal to the quality of life. Because the good eyesight will give you a good life. So come try it yourself, and you might become the next person who put on our glasses and get rich!”


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