A graduation ceremony is, without a doubt, a ceremony where manygraduates want to collect precious memories. If your turn to graduate has come, yet you don’t have a person or persons to capture moments on the day, we recommend you find and book one due to high demand. In this article, LifeSara folks will walk you through a collection of professional photographers with expertise and practical experience. Not only do they offer friendly services, but you will find their pricing highly favorable. Whether it’s a portrait or group shots, they’ve got you covered! Let’s learn about them~

Nelson and His Planet

First, Nelson and His Planet. With extensive experience with portrait profile, pre-wedding photography, travel photography, product photography, real estate photography, videography, bird-eye views (drone), event photography, candid photography, you name it, This man will give you perfect lighting and composition, resulting in incredible effects. Anyone starting to be interested is encouraged to see his work.

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Web : www.nelsonandhisplanet.com
IG : nelsonandhisplanet
FB : Nelson And His Planet
Email : hyperaptor.work@gmail.com



Don’t let their less extensive experience fool you! Because this emerging provider can really breathe a life into your pictures. With a belief that every picture can tell a story and Facebook page “เก็บโมเมนต์”, an enthusiast for over ten years has turned himself into a pro. You will get the best mood and tone, perfectly balanced with emotional appeal.

เก็บโมเมนต์ leverages natural light and candid photography in capturing the happiest moments of loved ones. Whether you’re having a graduation ceremony, wedding, ordination ceremony, or looking to collect pictures of yourself, food, hotel, resort for business purposes, you can surely trust เก็บโมเมนต์.

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Tel : 080-565-8972 (K.กิต) | 098-261-2559 (K.ออย)
FB : เก็บโมเมนต์
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มิธ Hamited

For those who want a digital file to give off the same vibes as you can get from film cameras, Mit, or Hamited, can deliver just that, be it a photoshoot with your nearest and dearest or only yourself. But worry not! Mit specializes in digital photography, too. If being a model is not your department, this cameraman will help break the ice by instigating fun and friendliness while working. His services related to a graduation ceremony are extremely extensive.

You can have him for your commencement day, rehearsal day, cap and gown shoot, and graduation ceremony – allowing both solo, duo, and group photography. Plus, you can choose to go with an option of half or full day. We guarantee your pictures will be Instagram-worthy!

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Tel : 080-558-7995
FB : Hamited / Hamitto
IG : ha.hamit / ha.hamitto



Killly Twin is another go-to photographer who will vibe with every one of your happy moments. This man delivers uniqueness by using pictures to tell stories and impressing precious memories that will make you feel nostalgic every time you think about them.

As if having a magic of mind-reading,Killy Twin can give what you need before you know you need them! And don’t worry if the shots taken don’t meet your expectations, because he will make sure you get what you’re looking for. In addition, he can help you strike a perfect pose! Started to imagine a beautiful shot of your graduation day hanging on the wall yet? This man is more than ready to give everything he has to ensure the best possible outcome.

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FB : Killlytwin Photographer หาช่างภาพ รับถ่ายรูปงานรับปริญญา หาตากล้อง
IG : Killlytwin_photographer



If you are looking to create a fun yet cool moment, Max from mmaxxphotographer is practically your kindred spirit. Max specializes in various photography styles, from creative, artsy, to vibrant yet subtle. An effortless balance between lighting and color composition is guaranteed!

Ever fond of group shots, Max is more than happy to fit your big circle of friends in one picture. He will create memorable moments during the photoshoot with friendly service, allowing everyone to be themselves. See his work to get inspired and make a reservation to secure the perfect date!

Prices start at : 5,000 THB


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FB : mmaxxphotographer
IG : mmaxxphotographer
Line : maxx76


U inspire me graduate

For anyone identifying themselves as a minimalist who prefers soft and dreamy effect, U inspire me graduate is here to help encapsulate every of your supreme moments and turn them into blessed memories you can look back on. This photographer is documentary-oriented as he captures candid shots while bringing out the unique character of the model. Whether it’s a portrait or group photo, U inspire me graduate has got you covered! If you’re looking for a collection of pictures with perfect composition and impeccable color palette, just contact him!

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Line : 089-765-7150
FB : U inspire me Graduate
IG : uinspiremegraduate



With his humor and friendliness, LUXIFER will make even the process before photographic development a pleasing one. He offers a perfect balance between lights, shadows, composition, creativity, and timelessness. And don’t worry if you run out of poses because LUXIFER has loads of them in store! He will make every shot look effortless and sensational. Any graduate-to-be who is on a hunt for a photographerwith extensive knowledge about mood & tone, angles, and venues is encouraged to work with LUXIFER.

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Line : nuttertwirl
FB : luxifer
IG : luxiferrrr



If K-style is your cup of tea, Gamey.foto is the right man for your profile and/or clothing photoshoot. His work exudes a soft and vibrant effect similar to one you get from Japanese and Korean media, regardless of how ordinary the surroundings may seem. It is as if you actually catch a flight and collect moments from real sites! Not only will you get friendliness and perfect angles, but his practical experience also guarantees he will give you everything he has. Plus, he offers services in and near Bangkok.

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IG : Gamey.foto
Line : @Gamey.foto
Tel : 083-133-0273



Well, if minimalism is never your thing, one of the leading cameramen in graduation photoshoot like FOTO TYPE can give you that grandeur. With more than 8 years of consistently exceptional work, this guy is packed with pro-tips that will make any ordinary shot an extraordinary one. He employs various effects, such as fireworks and Polaroid, but especially neon lights to create a cyberpunk theme. This will deliver shots like those you find in cool K-POP music videos.

However, you can request to inject sweetness and liveliness: FORO TYPE is also ready to breathe a smooth and dreamy effect into the whole collection. It’s safe to say he will give you his all!

* Special for our readers! Share a post on 9 Recommended Graduation Photographers 2023 Edition, take a screenshot as proof, and reach out to FOTO TYPE referring to LifeSara for a discount and freebies.


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IG : fototype_ig
FB : Fototype หาตากล้อง หาช่างภาพ ช่างภาพรับปริญญา หาช่างภาพรับปริญญา
TikTok : fototypestudio
Line : wittawat_99
Tel : 085-135-1141