📢 Nowadays, a “canvas awnings” is something that could be found on almost every type of building; whether it’s a tiny house, a giant mansion or even a restaurant. They could be found on windows, garage, entrance, roofs and so on. Some people even add their own twist to these mundane pieces of furniture that’s supposed to keep the sun, the rain and the heat out! Surprisingly, they also help conserve energy and provide a nice tiny corner to chill out in! Now it’s obvious why this unsuspecting pseudo-roof is so popular. ✨

If you are looking to install a good piece of awning, where should you look? Don’t worry, today Lifesara had put together 8 awnings stores with beautiful design and custom-made service. All of them are run by professionals with many years of experience under their belt and they also accept projects no matter where they are in Thailand. If you are looking for an option to beautify your house or your business then stick around and dive in with us! 🥳



The first on the list is the @Kansard store near Pathumthani.This store focuses on awnings with modern aesthetics at an affordable pricewhile offering a wide variety of roof typessuch as ShinkoLite, Metal sheet, Smart roof, vinyl roof or fiberglass. This comprehensive store also offers a 2 year warranty,if you live around the Bangkok suburbs@Kansard is definitely a very good choiceas they offer onsite service too!

📌 Pricing and Promotion
☑️ Awning installation service at affordable price.
☑️ ShinkoLite roof: 4,200 to 5,300 Baht per square meter.

👉🏻June 2022 promotion
☑️Reserve a queue for installation in August 2022.
☑️ If the awning exceeds 20 square meters, receive a free flashing (prevents water backflow), a free survey of the installation site, a discount at the end of the bill and a set of PVC pipes.

📍Location : Pathumthani (accepts projects in Bangkok and its suburbs)
97/10 -11 Pathumporn village, Bang Luang, Pathumthani city district, Pathumthani 12000

📌Contact information
FB : แอท กันสาด รับติดตั้ง หลังคา กันสาด เมทัลชีท ไวนิล โรงรถ ราคาถูก
Line@ : kansard



Next in the list we have Roofie,the importer and country-wide reseller of foldable awnings who has been providing solutions to numerous types of customerssuch as a homeowner, a café or even department stores.Roofie’s numerous awnings models come equipped with many functions and an even wider range of price points. Roofie also provides a spectrum of colors as well as a plethora of sizes for you to choose from.Their teams of professional engineerswill ensure that everything is well taken care of from the start to finish and even provide you with after-sales service.With country-wide reach, and the ability to take orders online,Roofie is a store that should be on your radar if you are looking for an awning service!

📌 Pricing and Promotion
– Prices: 7,600 – 20,000++
– Promotion for LifeSara page: For customer who know about the store from LifeSara page can receive a 1,000 Baht discount for all sizes, model and color of awnings

📍Location : 6/68 Lad Sawai, Lam Lukka, Pathumthani 12150

📌Contact information
Tel : 064-6654904 | 097-2835502
Line : @roofieshop
FB : กันสาดผ้าใบสำเร็จรูป Roofie
Website : roofieshop.com
Shopee : roofieshop_
Lazada : Roofie



Are you an enjoyer of natural light and don’t like a dim atmosphere but also want 99% UV protection? Then you must check out awnings from “Minigold”, a brand specializing in transparent fiberglass awnings with a lovely design. With acclaim from over 90 countries and cutting-edge technology from New Zealand, you can trust in Minigold’s quality and standard. Currently, the brand offers 3 models of the awning.

☑️ Minigold model: Transparent Roman-style awning 580 Baht per square meter
☑️ J-Roof model: Transparent Roman-style sheets. Minimalist Japanese design 580 Baht per square meter
☑️ Cool Roof 2 Model: A transparent sheet that deflects heat and is 10x times more effective at reducing the temperature than the standard transparent tile. Capable of reducing the heat by 62.6% 1,200 Baht per square meter

Installation services are provided for customers in Bangkok and the suburbs. The brand also provides advice services, making them the turnkey solution for your awning needs.

📍Location :
– Available in all leading construction material retailer in Thailand
– All branches of Thai Watsadu
– Online orders are also accepted for all locations in Thailand. No minimum value.

📌Contact information
FB : กันสาด หลังคาโปร่งแสง มินิ โกลด์
Line : @minigold
Web : https://www.minigoldroof.com/



If you need something a bit more stylish and modern-looking for an awning and also a bit of a DIY work then look no further than Shadekit! The brand has a heavy presence on Shopee and Lazada; with a single click, your awning set will arrive at your doorstep within 3-5 days. On top of this lightning-quick convenience, they also offer awning logo screening for shops and cafés that will surely make your store even more stylish and outstanding! If you own a business and need to drive home that branding and brand recall then Shadekit’s awning will definitely get the job done for you!

📌 Special promotion for ordering through Shoppe and Lazada:
☑️ 0% interest for installment payment for 10 months
☑️ Extra promotion and discount in top
☑️ Minimum 10% cashback

📌Contact information
Tel : 082-267-8453
FB : ShadeKit กันสาดพับได้สำเร็จรูป | Line
Shopee : Shadekit
Lazada : Shadekit



Renovating your house and looking for a stylish awning to jazz up your home?Check out Napat 39,this awning specialist near Ladkrabang not only offers awning for the various needs of your house but also outdoor living roof installation services by professional technicians and engineers.Napat 39 only utilizes the highest quality material and equipmentto make your dream outdoor chill corner that you could be proud of a realityand is willing to put in their best effort and free advice at your disposal to make it happen too!We highly recommend you check them out!

📌Contact information
Line : @napat39
IG : napat39_outdoorlivingwork
Tel : 091-736-0066 (K.Champ)


Rungreung Siam

Next up is the awning and roof installation specialist, “Rungreung Siam” from Bangphi district. With over 30 years of experience, novel design concepts and premium materials, their work and design were a match made in heaven with the houses they worked on; not to mention the customer who were brimming with delight after the installation. Another one of their unique secret ingredients is their adaptation and improvement mindset which manifests itself as the following slogan and principle:

“2 Years and 4 NOs” Not something you could find from any other engineers! They are as follows:
– 2 Years: 2 years of warranty for their work
– 4 NOs: No style, No good, No stability… then No need to pay!

📌Starting Price
Minimum price is 2,000 Baht per square meter

📍Location : 99/9 Soi Zhong Siri, Bangphi Yai, Bangphi, Samut Prakarn

📌Contact information
Line : @rrsroof
Tel : 095-824-9999 | 02-173-4407


KTP Siding by Somdej

Now we arrive at the coolest awning store, KTP Siding by Somdej. An awning service that has been in the business for more than 30 years and is run by no other than Mr. Somdej, a highly experienced engineer with more than 10 years of experience. Rain awning, lever awning, canvas dome, exhibition dome; he had done them all. Thus, you can rely on KTP and Mr. Somdej to take care of your home and shop improvement project, install a metal sheet roof, a canvas tent, an awning or even metal work; all of them at an affordable price. They also offer free site surveys and accept projects from all over the country. Pin this place down if you need some serious awning work done!

📌Contact Information
Tel : 089-211-9018, 087-982-5219
FB : KTP การผ้าใบ By ช่างสมเด็จ
Line : 0892119018


Thaweewat Canvas

For the final place, if you are looking for a European style awning, check this place out. Thaweewat Canvas, the leading awning service provider based in Onnuch district.If service alone isn’t enough to convince you,how about a manufactory? This place here is THE main manufacturer for various types of awnings such as canvas awning, auto-folding awning, electric or hand operated type.On top of that,they also got various types of tents for sales or rental, metal sheet awning, D-lite canopy, polycarbonates and many other types of products.Their top-notch manufacturing quality and variety has been trusted for more than 50 years!

Each product is the perfect blendof cutting-edge technology,the best domestic and imported materialsand European level of manufacturing standards.These blends of perfection include: automated awning system, vertical awning, beam-supported awning, acrylic canvas and even motors, sensors and remote control for awnings.If you are looking to set up a business in front of your own building or improving your own house,but needed that perfect awning with an affordable price and quality,look no further than Thaweewat Canvas.🥰

📌Contact information
Web : www.thaweewat.com
FB : บริษัท ทวีวัฒน์ผ้าใบ จำกัด Thaweewat Canvas Co.,Ltd.
Tel : 085-964- 5656 | 0-2742-1100 ( Auto 8 lines )
Fax : 0-2742-2706 ( Sales Dept. ) | 0-2742-2787 ( Tent Rental Dept)
Email : twwcanvas@yahoo.com | info@thaweewat.com
Line OA : @thaweewat