It is undeniable that nowadays when we attend various social events, whether it is a seminar, meeting, or wedding, we often have to wear formal and neat outfits like suits. However, what kind of suit should we buy? Or what kind of fabric should the suit be made of? Today, Lifesara has gathered information about 8 suit tailors around Bangkok specifically for men. For those who do not know which tailor to go to, let us tell you that each store has its own unique style, all of them so great that you want them all! So, let’s go and see what stores there are.

Monte Carlo Tailors

Let’s start with the first shop, Monte Carlo Tailors, one of the premium quality tailor shops that has been open for over 40 years. The shop specializes in tailoring suits, shirts, and trousers, catering to both men and women with equal grace.

Monte Carlo Tailors is recommended by many experts, including Antonio Centeno, a well-known men’s fashion guru with 3 million followers on YouTube. He has also mentioned that Monte Carlo Tailors is one of the top 10 recommended tailor shops worldwide.

In addition, the shop is supported by Ajarn. Ae Apailak, a highly renowned personality and image consultant in Asia, whose client includes members of the royal family from the Middle-Eastern nations

And that’s not all, they also have expert stylists with over 15 years of experience who can provide private services at home or office without any additional charges (only available in Bangkok and surrounding areas). It’s guaranteed that anyone who comes to this shop for tailoring will get a premium quality suit of international standard!

In the images are the suits tailored by the shop for famous celebrities such as Palakorn Sae-tun, Brian Tun, a famous influencer, who organize concerts for equality and create songs like “Ver Ver Ver” to realize their childhood dream and many more.


📌 Highlights :

  • Internationally recognized
  • Provides genuine advice
  • Offers expert stylist services at home/office

Signature fabrics : The shop offers a variety of fabrics with over 1,000 shades to choose from.

  • Price : Starting from 12,000 baht for a suit
    (Currently, they have a promotion with a discounted price of 8,500 baht)


📍Location : 3/6 Ratchaphan Soi, Makasan Subdistrict, Ratchathewi District, Bangkok 10400
🕑 Opening hours : Monday-Saturday (8:30-19:00)

📌 Contact information :
FB : Monte Carlo Tailors
Line : @mctailor
Web : www.ร้านตัดสูท.com
Tel : 086-330-7228


Jhasper Fashion

Let’s continue with the second shop, Jhasper Fashion Custom Tailors, a tailor shop specializing in modern-style suits for both men and women. Aside from suits, the shop also offers tailored shirts, trousers, jackets, neckties, and bowties. They provide a comprehensive service suitable for all occasions, whether it be work suits, graduation suits, job interview suits, wedding suits, or event suits. Furthermore, all the shop’s pieces are made with high-quality fabrics, ensuring excellent craftsmanship.

The shop focuses on taking care of and meeting all customer needs, providing advice on the most suitable style, color, and fit for each individual. Customers can also choose specific suit details such as buttons, linings, and pockets, as the shop believes these elements reflect one’s true self.

Additionally, they have a detailed 25-point measurement technique to ensure the perfect fit for each customer’s body shape. This technique also helps accentuate certain features and boost the wearer’s confidence. If you’re interested in getting a suit, this is the place to go!


📌Highlights :

  • Modern and trendy suit styles suitable for all ages
  • Technique to accentuate body features
  • Affordable prices

Signature fabrics : Wool and cool cotton that are comfortable, easy to iron, and resistant to wrinkles

  • Price :
    – Starting from 7,000 baht for a suit
    – Starting from 1,600 baht for trousers
    – Starting from 1,100 baht for a shirt


📍Location : 155/32 Sukhumvit Road, Soi 11, Khlong Toei Nuea, Watthana District, Bangkok 10110 (Near Nana BTS Station)
🕐 Opening hours : Monday-Saturday (10:30-19:30)

📌 Contact information :
FB : Jhasper Fashion Custom Tailors Bangkok ร้านตัดสูท
IG : jhasperfashion
Line : @jhasperfashion
Web : jhasperfashion
Email :
Tel : 080-629-5075 | 087-930-4970



For the third shop, it can be said that those who frequently wear suits are probably familiar with CASMO because it is a trusted tailor of Chadchart, the super-hero mayor of Bangkok! The name CASMO comes from the words “Casual” and “Formal,” and the shop combines both styles according to customer preferences and usage. The shop provides a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere, along with knowledgeable staff who provide advice, making the process of getting a suit easy and convenient for us.

The shop’s cutting style is modern and looks good when worn. They will consider your preferences, usage, design, color, and suitability for you. In addition to suits, they can also tailor shirts, trousers, long-sleeved shirts, and short-sleeved shirts. They truly offer a one-stop solution.

I’ll let you in on a little secret, the shop also offers a variety of fabrics to choose from, including Wool, Cotton, Spandex, and even Linen. Each fabric has its own unique characteristics in terms of air circulation, beauty, and touch. If you’re looking for your first suit or want to add to your collection, you should definitely check out this shop.


📌Highlights :

  • Modern-style suit cutting that looks good when worn.
  • Wide range of options to choose from, suitable for every individual.
  • Consultation service available for those who want to get a suit.

Signature Fabrics :

  • Wool blend fabric with a textured appearance, looks good, drapes beautifully, allows for good air circulation. Suitable for grooms and customers who wear suits regularly or for formal occasions.
  • Wool linen fabric for casual blazers, relaxed style fabric that is easy to wear. Can be worn with t-shirts and jeans. Matches perfectly.
  • Wool spandex fabric imported from Korea, stretchy, soft, and comfortable. Suitable for casual pants or for work, provides a fitted look without being tight.
  • Price :
    – Suit set (suit jacket + trousers) starting from 7,000 baht
    – Shirt starting from 1,800 baht


📍Location : Habito Mall, 1st floor, next to Starbucks and Subway
(Parking available at Habito Mall)
🕐 Opening hours : Daily (11:00-20:00)

📌 Contact information :
FB : casmothailand
IG : casmothailand
Web : casmothailand
Line: @casmo
Tel : 085-545-8492

It is recommended to call or make an appointment via Line before visiting the shop.


Notch Bespoke

Let’s continue with the fourth shop, Notch Bespoke. Owned by Mr. Ni-yom, this shop originated from a shirt tailoring business that has been operating for over 60 years as suppliers for other tailors. This allows his son, Mr. Add, to realize that their tailoring skill and fashion sense could be combined together into a viable venture. Thus, Notch Bespoke was born and it has been providing comprehensive services to its customers for more than 5 years.

Since the shop’s roots are in genuine tailoring skills, the staff not only can provide consultation on fabrics and dressing styles but also have knowledge of cutting and sewing, garment structures, and can do fittings without calling in external tailors. The shop offers a full range of services for men’s clothing, including suits, outerwear, trousers, jackets, and shirts. Moreover, the shop has a wide selection of fabrics, both locally sourced and imported from Europe, including wool, linen, and cotton. If you want to have your own tailored suit, Notch Bespoke can assist you.


📌 Highlights:

  • One-stop service
  • Knowledgeable and helpful staff
  • Convenient location in the city center

Signature Fabrics : The best-selling fabrics at the shop are wool stretch and cotton stretch, which are comfortable to wear and can stretch to fit.

  • Price : Starting from 10,900 baht per suit


📍 Location : 1st floor, Gaysorn Centre, Gaysorn Village, opposite CentralWorld
🕐 Opening hours : Daily (10:30-20:00)

📌 Contact information :
FB : NOTCH Bespoke
IG : notchbespoke
Line : @notchbespoke
Tel : 093-261-2564


Universal Tailor

Let’s continue with the fifth shop, Universal Tailor. A third-gen tailoring business, the shop has been open since 1985 and has over 35 years of experience in suit tailoring. It is worth noting that the shop has been awarded by world-renowned fashion magazine GQ Magazine as the best tailor in Bangkok. In addition to this prestigious award, the shop has received numerous other awards, including the LUX magazine Fashion and Lifestyle Award 2022 and the GLOBAL AWARD 2021/22 “TAILOR OF THE YEAR” from the PRESTIGE AWARD magazine by COPPERWIRE as well.

Apart from the awards that demonstrate the shop’s professionalism, the shop also offers a service for tailoring “Full Canvas Construction Suit” made from horsehair. The standout feature of this suit model is the use of horsehair as canvas fabric material, which is thin, lightweight, and flexible. The hand-sewn technique ensures that every detail of the “Full Canvas” suit is beautiful and elegant. It is safe to say that this shop is a must-visit for men who appreciate this style of suit.


📌 Highlights:

  • Wide selection of fabrics
  • Consultation and advice during the tailoring process
  • High-quality and standardized suits

Signature Fabrics :

  • Fresco Wool: One of the most popular fabrics for travel as it is wrinkle-resistant and comfortable in the hot weather of Thailand.
  • Spalla Camicia: Italian-style natural shoulder, with extra space for the upper arms to ensure the most comfortable fit.
  • Price :
    – Starting from 9,500 baht per suit
    – Starting from 1,800 baht per shirt


📍 Location : 252/2 Silom Road, Surawong, Bang Rak, Bangkok 10500
🕐 Opening hours : Monday-Saturday (10:00-20:00), Sunday (13:00-18:00)

📌Contact information :
FB : Universal Tailors
IG : universaltailors
Line : 0850229489
Web : universaltailors
Email :
Tel : 085-022-9489


The Armory Bespoke Tailors

Let’s continue with the sixth shop, The Armory Bespoke Tailors. We must say that this shop is a tailor shop born out of a love and passion for the details of suits, especially Italian-style suits. With over 10 years of experience in the industry, they have gained extensive knowledge and expertise. If you want to experience the impressive feeling of wearing a suit, this shop is definitely not to be missed.

The owner, Mr. Note, is dedicated to taking care of each customer personally because the concept of the shop is to provide every customer with a good quality suit that is suitable for their needs and preferences at a reasonable price. Moreover, the shop is ready to provide advice and consultation on various aspects, such as the structure of the suit, fabric types, color selection, and other details. Anyone who visits this shop can be assured that they will receive a great experience and high-quality suits.


📌 Highlights :

  • Consultation and advice
  • Emphasis on suit structure to ensure a perfect fit for each individual
  • Other services available, including shirt and trouser tailoring, as well as various accessories

Signature Fabrics : Popular fabrics imported from England and Italy with a wide range of colors and patterns, ensuring both style and comfort.

  • Price : Starting from 7,500 baht per suit


📍 Location : 1st Floor, The Spades Hostel, 58 Banthat Thong Road, Phetchaburi, Ratchathewi, Bangkok
🕐 Opening hours : Daily (11:00-18:00) *Appointment Only*

📌 Contact information :
FB: The Armory Bespoke Tailors
IG : @thearmorybkk
Line : @thearmorybkk
Tel : 098-296-2962


Zenia Suits

And then we come to the seventh shop, Zenia Suits, a tailor shop for the new generation at an affordable price. The cutting standards are the same as Italy and England. In addition, there are more than 500 styles to choose from. It can be said that one suit is not enough, and the most important thing is that their tailoring experience spans over 40 years.

Moreover, Zenia Suits also offers a travel style service to serve customers from all corners of the world. Whether it’s the United States, Europe, or Australia, they have been there. Importantly, the shop has adapted to different situations by providing off-site measuring services. The beauty of this shop is that they have a variety of fabrics to choose from. No matter what your budget is, you can come and consult with them. If you want to know how good they are, you have to try their suits.


📌 Highlights :

  • A variety of fabrics to choose from
  • Can tailor according to our budget, whether it’s high or low, they can do it all
  • The shop provides off-site measuring services at no additional cost!
  • Price : Starting from 3,800 baht for a suit (including jacket and trousers)


📍 Location : Zenia suits 118, Soi Silom 26 (opposite Sri Mariamman Temple Silom), Suriyawong, Bang Rak, Bangkok 10500 Due to the one-way street, please enter through Pramot Soi, there is an elephant sculpture at the entrance (Surawong road side)
🕐 Opening hours : Daily (10:00-19:00)

📌 Contact information :
FB : Zeniasuits
Line : @zeniasuits
Tel : 081-306-2829


Empire Tailors

Anyone looking for a tailor shop that can fulfill all their needs, this is the place!! With Empire Tailors, a tailor shop with a great atmosphere that feels like it’s lifted straight from another country and placed in Thailand. This shop has been providing services for over 45 years, and they firmly adhere to the principles of “quality and service” throughout, attracting customers from both within the country and abroad, becoming a favorite among many.

In addition to the quality suits, they also offer a product guarantee without any conditions on quality and service. If customers are not satisfied or don’t like the product after trying it on, the shop is happy to repair or remake it until they are satisfied. For anyone looking for a good tailor shop, this is definitely another interesting option. We’ll let you in on a secret, it’s located in the middle of Bangkok, making it easily accessible and close to the BTS skytrain as well.



  • Great service, attentive to every customer
  • Product guarantee without any conditions
  • Located in the heart of the city, convenient transportation

Signature Fabrics : The shop imports fabrics from various brands such as Vitale Barberis, Ariston, Guabello, Reda, Loro Piana, and Zegna.

  • Price : Starting from 15,000 baht for a suit.


📍 Location: 124-126 Sukhumvit Soi 4-6, Khlong Toei, Khlong Toei, Bangkok 10110
🕐 Opening hours : Monday-Saturday (10:00-19:30)

📌Contact information :
FB : Empire Tailors Bangkok
Web : Empire Tailors Bangkok
Tel : 081-922-0669 | 02-254-4760
Email :