Brand name handbags is another item every girl can’t live without. Those who wanted to have them might feel a little disappointed that the brand they have been eyeing for is now an asset with a price beyond their reach just like a luxury watch. This makes the brand name handbag truly a timeless item that could be used with every style you can come up with. Alternatively, they can also be viewed as an investment that can be resold or kept as a personal collection.

If you are interested in these must-have brand names then read on for today. Lifesara team had put together 7 brand name handbags that every lady must have in their collection from the Kanekoji Store, the hub for authentic brand names that act as a middleman and consignee. The store will be showing brands, designs and highlights that help keep you up with the current trend and won’t disappoint you in the future. Let’s check out the brand on their roster! ✨

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Hermes Berkin 30 Himalaya

Any ladies out there who are into brand name handbags would most likely have heard of Hermes. Today we will be recommending to you a hit-and-limited edition, the Hermes Berkin 30 Himalaya or “Himalaya Kelly ” which is made from crocodile skin from the Nile. This bag is truly a masterpiece as it uses a rare material and exquisite handicraft which results in a rare luxurious look that goes above and beyond.

This is also a bag with the highest bidding price in the world, making it out of reach for most of us. 😂 But if you are looking to be its owner then you also need a permit to own it as well. But why do the Bag-investors love this model you ask? It’s because Hermès Birkin has grown in price by 500% in the period of 35 years, a 14% return per annum, which makes it a very attractive model as it was bought at an auction by a Hong Kong billionaire at 13 million Baht. This is truly the queen of all bags!

Current price: 6-7,000,000 Baht
Bidding price: 13,003,200 Baht
** Converted from USD
**according to the first auction

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Price of Hermès Himalaya Birkin handbag
Why are Hermès Birkin bags so expensive?



Next up we have another leading brand for all the ladies out there from Christian Dior,a name that will send you running into the shop.We will be showing off an iconic modelto the die-hard fansof this brand, the LADY D-LITE.This model is made to commemorate Princess Diana,an icon of the UK.This piece is truly Dior’s specialized craft as it is made entirely out of canvas with handicraft embroidery that give it a convex surface and feel that give it a unique and elegant aura as well as outstanding durability which make it suitable for everyday use.

This is another masterpiece from Dior that will make the user look sophisticated, elegant and classy and could be mixed and matched with any other brand.

Current price: 137,900 Baht
Auction price 160,778.50 Baht
** Official Price
** Converted from USD

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Gucci GG Marmont Matelassé

Next up we have the brand Gucci, a brand that needs no explanation as it is also a legend in a lot of people’s minds and is also a must-have for movie stars and influencers. Gucci Marmont uses the signature leather of Gucci to create a fluffy-looking form factor which is combined with an iconic pattern and finished with the GC logo in the middle for that uniqueness; giving it a neat but elegant look. This model comes in many colors that match every lifestyle a lady might have and also helps up your chicness and charm factor. The Gucci look definitely stands out in this one, it is also very easy to sling along with its lightweight parts.

Current Price: 92,131.50 Baht
Auction Price: 62,900 baht
** Official Price
** Converted from USD

Information Credit: GG Marmont small matelassé shoulder bag


Gucci Dionysus GG Supreme

Here we have another Gucci bagbut it is inspired by the Greek mythology god of wine, Dionysus. The bag’s highlight is its tiger’shead emblem on the end of the horseshoe knotin the center of the bag,a new and iconic emblem from Gucci. Dionysus’s structure has 2 layersof flaps which are made of Gucci’s special pattern canvas which give it a uniqueminimalist elegant look that every girl strove for.

Current Price: 107,667.40 Baht
Auction Price: 81,292.50 Baht
** Official Price
** Converted from USD

Information Credit :
Dionysus small shoulder bag
Gucci Dionysus: One of Fall 2015’s Hottest Bags


Celine Triomphe canvas and calfskin white

Here we move over to the Celine brand that Lisa Blackpink is the Global Ambassador for which makes it fashionable amongst teenagers and very trendy currently.Made from calf leather, this bagembraces a simple vintage design that gives it a sleek profile and a luxurious look. The surfaces are covered in Celine’s House pattern and topped off with a metal lock in the shape of Celine’s logothat helps enhancethe charm of the user the moment the user picks the bag up.This is a bag that the modern day ladies definitely should have on their collection.

Current Price: 92,000 Baht
** Official Price



Chanel 22

Another brand that every girl out there should have heard of, this is the #Chanel22 model from the latest SpringSummer collection from the year 2022. This bag takes on the Punk aesthetic with the signature quilted leather and is decorated with coin-sized logo décor on the strap. The iconic Chanel logo is placed front and center in front of the bag.

Although this bag is stylized Punk in nature it still exudes a very “soft” aura, making it a perfect match for every look. The bag’s carrying capacity is also extremely high, making it the new iconic fashion item in France. If you want to get a hand on this model, we recommend you grab a second-hand with a red and beige inner lining as they have a really good price.

Current Price: 203,500 Baht
** Official Price

Information Credit: กระเป๋า CHANEL 22 ใบใหญ่


Chanel 19

Another one of Chanel’s models, the Chanel 19’s number isn’t an ordinary number but the year this bag was put on the runway, 2019.The bag is made from leather and cloth from Wool Tweedswith the highlight being the big interlacedCC logo that signifies Chanel’s boldand iconic look which iscombined with a soft lining from Sheep’s leather making it very durable.This model is arguably the bestwhen it comes to representingthe timeless

classics of Chanel.

Current Price: 209,000 Baht
Auction Price 139,000 baht
39.33% growth
** Official Price

Information Credit :
Chanel Price Increase March 2022
CHANEL 19 ไอคอนทางแฟชั่น ที่เป็นมากกว่าแค่กระเป๋า


Other brands you can grab at Kanekoji

If you are eyeing one of the seven bags mentioned above then stop by at Kanekoji, the authentic brand name product hub and the largest second-hand brand name product dealer in Thailand. Only the most luxurious brand will make it onto their shelf with guarantees that you will get back more value than you spend.

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