Many of you would probably have seen a clothing brand doing a photo shoot for clothing of various sizes with a presenter and the resulting photo is so enticing you started buying their product. If you look closer, then you would realize the clothing is not the only object drawing your attention.

The atmosphere plays a huge part in it as well and this covers the location, shooting style as well as the mood and tone of the photo. All of this is an important element that makes every product a lot more striking. It’s the reason why many content creators as well as many photographers place a heavy emphasis on the backdrop and a nice piece of prop as it can enhance the meaning of that photo.

Thus “Photography Studio” was born in order to cater to the needs of fashionistas, photography lovers or people who simply don’t have a place to shoot a photo (read for more whys). This is the reason why Lifesara wants to introduce to you 6 photography studios for 2022 within this post. If you still can’t decide on a studio then read on and see which one might interest you!

But if you are doing a preparation before shooting in a studio (especially for pre-wedding shoots) and need a photographer or makeup artist then you came to the right place, as we have put together a list to help you out as well!
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OPOM Studio

Are you thinking about a studio with a minimalist style that can make your photo stunning no matter the angle? Then let’s begin by checking out “OPOM Studio” This studio focuses on a white tone aesthetic and decoration that are blended in with curved enclosures and contrasted with bohemian wood tone. The studio has plenty of natural light throughout the day for you to work with which makes for a very warm and fuzzy mood and tone for people taking the photos as well.

The studio has more than 135 square meters of space and every zone is connected into one long corridor; these zones include: kitchen, dining table, living room as well as a mirror room.You can utilize every room to create that perfect photograph you were looking for.

If you are looking for a studio that can handle all sorts of work such as production, pre-wedding as well as stock photo portrait and many other types of work then we can guarantee that no matter the angle you choose for a shot in this studio, the shot will always come out great! If you are looking to shoot something but don’t have a photographer on hand, they also offer a photographer service making this studio a very comprehensive choice.

📌Promotion :
For customers who are interested, just inform the studio that you know about the studio from the “LifeSara” page to receive a 10% discount.
** Starting from today until 31st October 2022

📍Location : 110/1-5 Lad Lum Kaew district, Pathumthani

📌Contact information
Line : @opomstudio
FB : OPOM Studio – “โอบอ้อม” สตูดิโอให้เช่า สตูดิโอถ่ายภาพ
IG :
Tel : 097-453-5597 | 092-396-9837 | 096-884-7607


Castlet Studio

Do you hate traveling to many different studios but also want a photo with a different style so you have to bear with it and travel to all the different studios that offer a different tone? Then you need not worry anymore because Castlet studio is another big studio on the Thonburi side of Bangkok with more than 9 decoration themes on offer. These include themes like: Sweet Dream theme, Minimalist theme, Black and White theme, themes with cool backdrop, Vintage style and many others. There are so many styles in this studio that you don’t have to drag your feet to another studio as you can do a normal shoot, a product shoot or even a pre-wedding right here in this studio.

The studio also offers a lot of facilities as well such as food, drinks, shirt iron, free Wi-fi and plenty of parking spaces. We can guarantee that if you came here once you will likely come back here again. The reservation is also open for 24 hours thus this is a very convenient place that we highly recommend! ✨

(Price if for a half-day)

– Normal photo/Video: starting from 1,900 Baht
– Production / Ads / Viral Clip : Starting from 3,325 Baht (Open for hourly rate inquiry)

📍Location : Castlet studio 33/3 Soi Boromaratchachonnani 44, Taling Chan, Bangkok 10170
Opening hours: 08:00-18:00

📌Contact Information
IG : Castletstudio
Line : @castletstudio
FB : Castlet Studio
Tel : 081-492-2828
Web :


The 1st Project Studio

Next up we have The 1st Project Studio in Nana district. This studio is the absolute best when it comes to natural shadow and lightning as the resulting photo looks really stunning like those found on Pinterest and as magical as those that were edited with a filter.

The studio’s facilities can also satisfy the need of content creators really well as they offer clothes hangers, clothes iron, tripods and a free Wi-Fi. Whether you are shooting a photo or doing a Live sale on social media this place got you covered. The prop can also be moved freely around as well. This is a studio clothing brand owners and fashionista can’t sleep on. By the way, they also offer parking, so it’s really convenient too! ✨

📌Promotion :
✨Half-day 8.00-12.30 / 13.00-17.30 : 1,600 baht
✨Whole Day: 8.00-17.30 : 3,000 Baht
✨ Evening: 18.00-21.00 : 1,200 Baht
*Suitable for live streaming

📍Location : 421 Soi Sri Dan 12, Samrong Nuea, Samuth Prakarn city district, Samth Prakarn 10270

📌Contact Information
IG : the1stproject.std
FB : The 1st Project Studio
Line : @465yhrfq
Tel : 087-350-8002


Dad gives me studio

For this spot we have a photo studio from the Ramintra area, Dad gives me studio. This studio is a large detached house with 2 floors and more than 200 square meters of space which allows for a variety of zones, placements and camera angles. The studio also has a large amount of props for you to help enhance your photo angle and view to create a different style; this makes the studio a very versatile choice for your photography needs.

The studio also divides its area into both an indoor and outdoor zone with the second floor supporting a skylight window and mild-colored curtains that can accommodate natural light for the entire day. Whether you are shooting a fashion shoot, a pre-wedding, production, product review or any other online media; the results are bound to satisfy you. Also, if you are looking to shoot a series or a TV show, you can also send an inquiry for price as well.

📌Promotion :
✨Half-day 4 hours : 3,500 Baht for all zones: (08.00-12.00, 13.00-17.00)
✨Full-day 9 hours 6,500 Baht for all zones: (08.00-17.00) nonstop

📍Location : 91 222 Soi Ramintra 44, junction 88, Ramintra subdistrict, Khanna Yao district, Bangkok 10230

📌Contact Information
FB : dad gives me studio
IG :
Line : @963uihrq
Tel : 080-976-9947


Studio Kanda Unpenteerak

Another studio from the Ramintra area with a minimalist look and feel. The studio’s beauty is second to none as it is decorated in the Scandinavian Minimal style with a prop placement proportion that is on-point and gives off lightning and shadows that reminds you of lightning atmospheres from countries in Europe.

With more than 200 square meters of usable space, the studios have a lot of facilities for visitors; this includes a utility zone, crew rest area as well as a separated toilet for male and female. The studio also offers free Wi-fi with enough parking space for 4 – 5 cars. Definitely a must for content creators due to its convenience and comprehensive utility; straight into the checklist this studio goes.

📌Promotion : 📷 Still photograph (Not more than 8 people)
Half day 4,000.- : From 08:00-12:00 / 13:00-17:00
Full day 8,000.- : From 08:00-17:00

📍Location : Soi Ramintra 5, Junction 41. Please use Thep Rak road as it is easier to reach (Soi Thep Rak 49)
– Nearest BTS station: Light green line terminal station

📌Contact Information :
Line : @303qrzms
IG : studio.kanda_unpenteerak
Tel : 082-246-4497
FB : สตูดิโอ กานดา แปลว่าอันเป็นที่รัก – Studio.kanda_unpenteerak


DNA Studio (D-NA)

Need a studio that provides natural lightning and a dreamy atmosphere that is detached from reality? Come check out DNA (D-NA) studio, a studio from the Taling Chan area.

DNA studio is a studiothat was featured on many Kitchen & Home magazinesand is frequented by many famous brandsas the studio doesn’t only feature natural light but it’s also decorated in a rustic white tonethat is surrounded by a green garden and large imposing trees. The studio is also divided into many zones such as: kitchen, living room, bathroom, dining room etc.What’s more special is that you can cook actual foodright on the set here as they provide you with the utensils as well!

No need to worry about safety as well as the studio offers makeup rooms, dressing rooms and toilets that are separated by genders. They also offer parking spaces that are near Borommaratchachonnani road opposite of Southern Express bus terminal

📍Location : Opposite of Southern Express bus terminal in Taling Chan

📌Contact Information :
Tel : 063-359-5544 (คุณนก)
FB : Dna studio-ดีนะ สตูดิโอ
Line : Nokvijitra7824