Talking about trends, even though time passes, tattooing is still on trend. All the tattoo studios have “different techniques of tattooing” like cool tattoos, an art design that requires the dedication of the artist, and cute minimal style for those who like something small. Satisfied all the guests.

There are numerous people who want a tattoo, but can’t decide where to go. Lifesara will bring you up north and target six tattoo studios in Chiangmai that are reasonable. Even if you are not local, you still can go get a tattoo plus with a trip. Sounds perfect right? Let’s see what we’ve got for you.

If you are looking for more options in Bangkok, let’s follow 16 Tattoo Artists In Thailand To Put Every Cool Design Under Your Skin


Chiang Mai Tattoo Studio: 053 Tattoo Studio Cnx

Let’s start with a full-experience studio, 053 Tattoo Studio Cnx. There are Painted, Colored, Realistic Black & Grey, Old School, Script Fonts, and Minimal styles for you to choose from because each artist has their specialization.

For those who still hesitate about a design,they have an advice option for a new design.Its design will focus on aestheticsand matching with our body partsmaking the tattoolift yourpersonalityso that people will have tolook again at you.

Don’t hesitate to ask, you can come for advice first. The studio has two branches both in Chiangmai and Bangkok. Everything you’re looking for can be found here, so no need to go somewhere else.

📍Location :
> > Chiang Mai Branch: Chang Moi Rd, Next to Rachen Furniture store : Open everyday 12:00 – 21:00
> > Bangkok Branch: 102 Senanikom 1, Lat Phrao, Lat Phrao, Bangkok 10230

📌Contact information
Tel : 084-803-8763
FB : 053tattoo Studio Cnx
Web :
Email : | Line


Chiang Mai Tattoo Studio: Baan Khagee Tattoo

This place is a nature-style tattoo for those who love nature and the earth. Baan Khagee Tattoo studio will be your answer. 🌿

Its style is aboutnature on earthand animals createdas a signature by Nate artist.It depicts flow and smoothlylike your imagination becomes alive.Nate’s technique is superb. Beautiful, detailed, and unique.If you’re looking for a decent tattoo studio,let’s get a ride to the studio with a breeze of nature on the way here. 🍃

📍Location : 165 Mae Mut, Mae Win, Mae Wang, Chiang Mai 50360

📌Contact information
IG :
FB : Baan Khagee Tattoo Chiang Mai
Web :
IG artist (Khun Net) : nate_thailand


Chiang Mai Tattoo Studio:

Let’s continue with another cool tattoo studio, Sh1. shone. Tattoo. It’s one of the new-age minimal styles for all ages and genders. They focus on minimal, expressive scenarios with fine lines and color detail. The cost will be runtime pay, only when the tattoo machine runs.

Apart from cool tattoos, there is also a photo spot for people who come with friends or want to create content while waiting. Coming here sounds like going on a journey.

📍Location : 199/671, Lanna Villa Village

📌Contact information
FB : Sh1 – Shone tattoo | Surames Arayajuljit
IG :
Tiktok :
Twitter :
Tel : 086-353-6118 (Mr. Shokun)
Line : surames.a


Chiang Mai Tattoo Studio: Moss Savage Tattoo

This studio is owned by Moss, an artist who specializes in Black and Gray style. He accepts to create all styles painted, big and small. Very skillful. It’s another studio that we recommend to you. Furthermore, the studio also opens a class for those who want to be tattoo artists, from beginner to professional levels. No basic experience is required, and you can also keep it for your future career.

📍Location : Mai Hia, Behind the airport, Grandville Village

📌Contact information
Tel : 088-2614645 (Moss Artist) | Line
IG : moss_savage
FB : Moss Savage | Moss Savage Tattoo ร้านสักเชียงใหม่


Chiang Mai Tattoo Studio: Jub Tattoo Chiang Mai

Let’s continue with Jub Tattoo Chiangmai. Here, it is a place that is rich in experience and well-known for a long time. Customers here are both Thai and foreigners.

The style and concepts that Jub, the artist, is good at fine lines, dot work, Mandala, geometric and unique designs which is a good-meaning concepts. Who can’t bear Jun’s line tattoo has to come for a service. Can’t miss it!

📍Location : Nakornping Condominium JUB TATTOO STUDIO 2, Ratchaphruek Rd, Chang Purk Amphur Muang, Chiangmai 50300

📌Contact Information :
IG : jub tattoo chiangmai
FB : Jub Tattoo Chiangmai Thailand
Line : jubtattoo
Tel : 086-567-3456


Chiangmai Tattoo Studio: Zeroo Chiangmai Tattoo

And now we’ve reached an excellent fine line tattoo studio,Zeroo Chiangmai Tattoo.You can expect all styles such as small fine lines up until big realistic. If you still don’t know what design to get, they also have a custom service by three professional tattoo artists. Even though they all are good at different styles, all their works will still be fantastic.We can guarantee thatit reaches the standard and safety.They also have a woman artist for ladies who prefer to get tatts with.You’ll be back home with satisfaction.

📍Location : 74 Ratchavithi rd., Sriphoom, Muang, Chiang Mai 50200

📌Contact Information
FB : zeroo tattoo
IG : zeroo tattoo chiangmai
Tel : 062-969-9792