Muay Thai Gym is a trending topic that many people both within and without Thailand are interested in but if we talk about “Muay” the first and only thing that comes to mind is the intense boxing match; that couldn’t be further from the truth. Nowadays Muay Thai is considered another type of exercise that is as good as if not better than other intense exercises for losing weight. 🥊

On top of a really hot body that you can get out of Muay Thai, every moves you learn can be used in a real situation. This is doubly beneficial for all the ladies out there as Muay Thai can help make you a strong woman who is unfazed by the unexpected danger and crime the modern-day scenario can throw at you!

Moreover, the Muay Thai instructors nowadays are also very experienced thus if you get to train with the best professional from the best gym with the best equipment and facilities in a spacious arena, you are bound to vibe with Muay Thai and master it sooner or later!

That’s why Lifesara has put together the best Muay Thai gym in Bangkok in this post. Muay Thai is a really good way of reducing weight and learning a martial art at the same time. So where are these gyms? Grab your sparring partner and let’s go find out! 🥊🥊

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Jitti Gym Academy

Feeling pumped? Let’s begin the round with Jitti Gym Academy from the Ratchada district.Jitti Gym Academy has been producingnumerous famous Muay Thai fighters both Thai and foreign for more than 30 years; their experience is guaranteed to get you really vibing into Muay Thai!They also offer Muay Thai lessonsas an exercisefor all ages and genderwith instructors who can guide you all the wayfrom the basics to the professional boxer level.

If you are interested this place is very easy to reach via MRT as it is situated in soi Ratchada 19. No need for advance reservation, registration or group course as you can come in and start punching right away. 🥊🤣

Course pricing: :
🥊Short term courses
– 1 time 500 Baht
– 10 times 3,500 Baht / Last for 2 months
– 20 times 6,000 Baht / Last for 3 months
– 30 times 7,500 Baht / Last for 4 months

🥊Monthly courses
– 1 month duration for 4,500 Baht, can come in once daily
– 3 months duration for 11,000 Baht, can come in once daily
– 1 month duration for 7,500 Baht, can come in twice daily
– 3 months duration for 19,000 Baht, can come in twice daily

📍Location : Soi Ratchada 19 / MRT Ratchada station
Opening hours: 09:00 until 21:00

📌Contact information
FB : Jitti Gym
IG : Jittigymacademy
Line : @jittigym
Tel : 095-534-5980


Jakkayan Muay Thai Gym

For the next gym, we have Jakkayan Muay Thai Gym, a Muay Thai academy and fitness center founded by “Mr. Pratchaya Pricha” the twice gold medalist for Royal Thai Army 4th Army Muay Thai competition. The gym has trained many Muay Thai Champions such as “Ferrari Jakkayan Muay Thai Gym” the champion of the Channel 7 135-pound weight competition.

The gym not only trains professional boxers but also teaches Muay Thai as an exercise for those who want to improve their health, reduce weight as well as learn some martial arts. Anyone with and without Muay Thai basics can join the classes here, with the minimum being 5 years old. The gym is packed with highly experienced trainers who can teach Muay Thai lessons to you on a one-on-one basis. Truly a gym you can’t miss out on 🥊

Course pricing :
🥊Per-attendance basis course
– One time course 450 Baht
– 10 time course (last 2 months) 3,500 Baht

🥊Monthly course (no attendance limit)
– Monthly course 3,900 Baht
– 2 Month course 6,900 Baht
– 3 Month course 8,900 Baht

📌Promotion :
**One-time free trial course
***Promotion: If you know about the gym from Lifesara; 10% discount and another extra 5% until 31st July 2022

📍Gym Location : 7/12 Mooh 4 Soi Pah Mai Uthit School, Ratchaphruk road, Bangrak Noi, Nonthaburi, Nonthaburi 11000
Opening hours: 10:00-21:00

📌Contact information
Tel : 098-345-2092 (Mr. Green)
FB : จักรยานมวยไทยยิม
Line : @jakkayanmuaythai


Chaiyasit Muaythai Gym

Vibin’ n burnin’ those calories and fat at the same time while getting fit? Chaiyasit Muaythai Gym is the place you might be looking for!

Chaiyasit Muaythai Gym is located on the route along Khlong 2and in its 7 years of business,is frequented by people from all walks of lifebecause of their intense fat burning exerciseand Muay Thai lesson.The gym also has a lot of instructorswith more than 10 years of experience like the “Red Devil” Mr. K. Kumanon,the instructor with a championship from the Lumpini boxing arena and Ratchadamnoen boxing arena and topped that off with the 2nd place from WBC which is just insane! 😳

The gym also has ample parking space, Wi-Fi, a free locker for your belongings as well as a free trial class to boot! You really should check this gym out as they offer you both Muay Thai knowledge and a healthy body; what an amazing package! 🥰✨

📌Course pricing:
1. 5 times 1,400 Baht / 1 month
2. 8 times 2,100 Baht / 1 month
3. 10 times 2,800 Baht / 1 month
4. Unlimited attendance 3,600 Baht / 1 month
5. Unlimited attendance 3 month / 7,380 Baht
6. 30 times / 3 months /6,600 Baht

📌Page-specific promotion:
👉🏻 If you know the gym from Lifesara page, the gym will offer a discount for monthly unlimited course from 3,600 Baht to 2,900 Baht

📍Gym Location : 239 Soi Reab Khlong Song, Bang Chan, Khlong Sam Wa, Bangkok 10510

📌Contact information
Tel : 0841429151 Instructor Aek
Line : chaiyasit_gym
FB : Chaiyasit Muaythai GYM


Yod Muay Thai Gym Central West Gate branch

Now for our last but the newest gym on the block, Yod Muay Thai Gym. This gym is located beside Central Westgate. For anyone looking to reduce their weight then be sure to check out Yod Muay Thai Gym!

🥊 This gym is another Muay Thai gym that focuses on Muay Thai as an exercise that helps people who want to reduce weight and is run by an instructor with more than 10 years of experience who will make sure you enjoy every second of the class. For those who aren’t looking for a Muay Thai class, the gym also offers a well-rounded collection of fitness equipment that meets the highest standards.

But if you run out of juice after exercise, the gym also offers shower rooms, drinking water and locker service as well, and all of these for free! If you just want to dip your toe into Muay Thai, they also offer trial Muay Thai lessons so come try it out if you want to burn away those fats!

📌Course pricing:
– Free trial Muay Thai course! Longer courses start from 600 Baht only!

🥊Buffet Style courses
– 3 months for 6,999 Baht (when applying for 2 course) free 15 days
– 6 months for 9,999 Baht (when applying for 2 course) free 30 days

📍Gym Location : Beside Central Westgate Soi Rattanathibet 1. The gym is on the 3rd floor and the entrance is beside a 7-11 store

Opening hours
> Tuesday – Friday 8 time slots, starting from 13:00 – 21:00
> Saturday – Sunday 7 time slots, starting from 09.00-18.00 (lunch break at 12:00 – 14:00)
**Closes every Monday

📌Contact information
Tel : 084-425-8082 (คุณนัท) | Line