Any brand-new mums-and-dads or parents looking for nurseries? Today is your lucky day because LifeSara has gathered some exceptional nurseries for all the mums-and-dads out there! You can be confident that your little ones will receive ample protection, care, and attention;  every nursery is like a second loving home for your children. If you want to know what nurseries are available, let’s find out together. 💕

Plearn Montessori

Let’s start with the first would-be home, Plearn Montessori, a house of learning for young children filled with love and great inspiration! Here, the intention is to foster a love for learning everything around them, shaping them into thinkers and explorers while providing them with fun and independence. Rest assured, your child’s development will be brimming with potential.

The school believes that: “Every child’s potential is different and we are here to accelerate their development in an independent manner with knowledge beyond the confines of a classroom”. Thus, the school devoted themselves to creating a learning environment based on the natural Montessori model. A model that helps nurture children’s development, encourages independence, curiosity, decision-making and problem-solving.

Plearn Montessori is located in a peaceful area on Soi Tawee Wattana 14, Bangkok, a learning community covering over 3 rai of land. They place an importance on nature, gardens, and playgrounds, providing ample space for children to play and enjoy amidst nature.

What makes Plearn Montessori special is that they follow the Montessori International Curriculum directly imported from Australia, which is an internationally recognized curriculum. The teachers are international instructors who have completed their early childhood Montessori training directly from MMI-London, with over 14 years of teaching experience. Additionally, they will soon be opening another Montessori kindergarten in Hat Yai, Songkhla too!


⭐️Highlights of Plearn Montessori:

  • Montessori learning approach (encouraging children to learn and solve things on their own)
  • Spacious classrooms with close proximity to nature
  • Programs offered by Plearn Montessori:
    • 🧡Parents and toddlers program:
      Playgroups for parents and toddlers aged 1.6-3 years
    • 💛Montessori PreSchool-K3 program:
      International curriculum for children aged 18 months to Kindergarten 3

📌Location : 36/6 Soi Tawee Wattana 14, Tawee Wattana District, Bangkok 10170 (near Bangkok University, Thonburi)

FB : Plearn Montessori Early Learning and Childcare
Tel : 087-944-5617


Funtime Preschool International

Continuing with the second school, let’s talk about Funtime Preschool. Here, they aim to create a safe zone for children, no matter the child’s temperament, preference or the day’s atmosphere Funtime Preschool ensures that the children will always have fun and always have friends around! This allows parents to feel at ease because their children feel like they are at their second home, where they can play with friends and enjoy some quality time!

The key highlight of Funtime Preschool is that it is an international preschool where all instruction is conducted in English! Children can have fun while gaining knowledge without needing to memorize vocabulary. The school creates an environment where English is used up to 90%, helping children develop their language skills by leaps and bounds.

Another remarkable aspect is that the school organizes activities for every occasion, ensuring that children never feel bored while learning. They also introduce children to cultures they may not be familiar with, broadening their horizons and making them more open-minded.

What’s incredibly adorable about Funtime Preschool International is that they celebrate everything, even the smallest things, with each and every child! This boosts the children’s confidence, pride, and self-worth. It’s a great way to enhance their self-esteem. Parents who want to enroll their children in additional English classes can do so because Funtime Preschool offers an English club for children aged 1.6 to 6 years old.


⭐️Highlights of Funtime Preschool International:

  • Montessori learning approach (children learn to solve things on their own)
  • Warm and cozy atmosphere just like home, making children feel safe and comfortable

📌Location : 133/6 Phaholyothin 54/1, Sai Mai Subdistrict, Sai Mai District, Bangkok 10220

FB : Funtime Preschool & Funtime English Club
Tel: 081-689-7621 (Teacher Um)


Kitamura House International

And continue with the last school on the list. Kitamura House International, a school that aims to ensure children’s development the right way; with a fun and interactive teaching style, emphasizing life skills, and aiming for children to be independent! Every teacher here receives rigorous training because their actions may have an impact on the children. Therefore, parents can be confident that their children will receive nothing but the best.

Kitamura House International believes that each child has different skills in various aspects, like a unique saplings. Therefore, every teacher has a responsibility to promote children’s growth into the most beautiful trees. Everyone can develop, but the pace and developmental techniques may vary. Here, we use positive discipline principles to develop EF brain skills through play-based learning and diverse activities.

Not only do they take care of children at the institution, but they also provide counseling for parents regarding childcare and education! For parents who are looking for a nursery school that offers three languages, come and visit them here first. We guarantee that you will be interested for sure. 


⭐️ Highlights of Kitamura House International

  • Learning in three languages: Thai, English, and Japanese
  • A curriculum that cares deeply because the institution’s owner strives to learn to find the best ways to take care of children
  • Emphasizing self-driven learning for children, so they won’t feel pressured!

📌Location : 98/36 Mind Hof Village (Romklao-Suvarnabhumi), Romklao Road, Khlong Sam Pravet Subdistrict, Lat Krabang District, Bangkok 10520

FB : ศูนย์พัฒนาเด็กปฐมวัยนานาชาติคิตามูระเฮ้าส์-เนอสเซอรี่สไตล์ญี่ปุ่น ลาดกระบัง
TEL : 087-484-7887