For those who want to try getting a tattoo but don’t know where to start, if you’re looking for a good tattoo studio with impressive work and beautiful line designs, show us your hands 🙌. We are here to tell you that the people of Khon Kaen have it all! Today, LifeSara has gathered three fantastic tattoo studios for everyone. They offer everything from Minimalist style and Anime motifs to Realistic art. You can be sure that art enthusiasts will definitely love this! And besides, you can also rest assured that they are clean, safe, and meet the standards. If you want to know what studios are available, let’s check them out together 💕.


Let’s talk about the first tattoo studio in Khon Kaen that we’d like to recommend. If you’re into diversity, this is the place to be! Kaidangtattoo is the name of the studio, and they can create various styles of line work. Whether it’s realistic art that looks incredibly lifelike or minimalist designs that girls adore, they have it all. No matter the scale, from small to large, you don’t need to worry. Just let the artists handle it all! They can also design tattoos based on customers’ preferences. It’s safe to say they cater to all age groups, from teenagers and working professionals to adults and even international clients.

As for the atmosphere of the place, you can rest assured as this shop’s tone is a vibrant and comfortable one. They also have a tiny kitten to encourage you from afar! The equipment within the studio is also top-notch and meets international standards.

  • Tattooist Clinton
  • Tattooist Meuan Fon
  • Tattooist Kitty

You can check out their individual works on their IG profiles. If you like someone’s style, feel free to reach out to them.

📌 Location : Behind Khon Kaen University (Soi Kasiansinthu Dormitory)

📞 Contact
FB: Kaidangtattoo
IG : Kaidangtattoo
Line : @kaidangtattoo


Street Tattoo Club

Continuing with Street Tattoo Club, it can be called the new tattooing community as it offers more than just tattoos! They cover a wide range of styles here, whether it’s the simple Minimalist style or the stylish Street style – they’ve got it all. Plus, they even offer custom design and modification services! So, if you’re looking to have a unique tattoo that’s exclusively yours, you can get it done here. The best part is, their tattoo equipment is sanitized, safe, and reassuringly top-notch. They use premium-quality ink sourced from the USA.

But that’s not all. Alongside tattoos, the studio also serves delicious food and good coffee. They even provide hair cutting services for men, offering an all-encompassing experience. For those who want to get a chill tattoo and enjoy a cup of coffee after, this is the place to be. They also have a variety of artists, and you can check out their works on their page.

📌 Location : Kangsatal, Soi Adulyaram 3 Nai Muang, Khon Kaen 40000 (Next to Chan Mai Cafe Kangsatal)

📞 Contacts :
FB: Street Club สักลายขอนแก่นStreettattooclub
Tel : 063-791-1419 (Khun Auto)


HingHoi Tattoo

For the last tattoo studio in Khon Kaen that we want to recommend for those who want to get a tattoo but are a bit hesitant, HingHoi Tattoo is the place to be! The cozy atmosphere of the studio makes you feel comfortable and at ease. The best part is that the tattoo artists pay attention to every detail, making the experience enjoyable and relaxing. HingHoi Tattoo specializes in Blackwork style, a style with dark and gloomy aesthetic. Anyone looking for this style shouldn’t miss out! Most of the customers here are a diverse range, from men and women to teenagers and adults. It’s safe to say that everyone from all genders and ages loves it here.

A little secret, the tattoo artists at this studio are a couple – “Tattooist Takatan” and “Tattooist Hing Hoy.” Ladies who might feel shy getting a tattoo from a male artist can opt to get one from the female artist here instead, and the same goes for gentlemen. As for those who want a custom design, the studio is more than happy to help with that! Rest assured that your design won’t be repeated anywhere else in the world. And when it comes to cleanliness, you have nothing to worry about. The needles used here are of high quality and are disposed of after each use. It’s safe, clean, and top-notch quality work. If you’re thinking about getting a tattoo, don’t miss out on this studio!

📌 Location : 262/2 Soi Khru Phrom, Sila subdistrict, Khon Kaen 40000 (Behind Khon Kaen University near U Center)

📞 Contacts :
FB : HingHoi Tattoo หิ่งห้อย ร้านสักลายขอนแก่น หลัง มข. KhonKaen Tattoo
IG : zhinghoiz
TikTok : zhinghoiz
LINE ID : takzany
Tel : 083-147-7747​