is one of the hobbies that refers to the character of the players. Have you ever noticed that when someone is moody, they may play music loudly, heavily, or uncomfortably. On the other hand, if they are in a good mood and joyful, the sounds they create will be flexible, enjoyable, lively, and soothing. Music is an interesting influence for music lovers to express themselves.

That’s why many musical instruments are created in these ages. The variety of brands makes it more difficult to decide depending on the buyer’s budget and preferences. Hence, choosing the right instrumental stores that suit the player is way more important.

But do not worry. Because we, Lifesara, collected all of the best musical instrument stores in 2022 for you. Any level can find their instruments from beginner to professional. All the stores are friendly and willing to help you to find the right one. Do not hesitate to make a decision. Let’s take a look at what is on our lists.


Music Collection

Starting with a well-known store, Music Collection, that has branches across Thailand. It is one of the musical instrument stores that have been opening for more than 32 years. What they have on the shelf are acoustic guitars, electric guitars, drums, and all the instrumental accessories from more than 50 brands worldwide. They all come with high-quality guarantees from famous brands such as Martin, Taylor, Gender, Epiphone, G&L, PRS, Zoom, and Nashville.

So who is still hesitant to own one. Now is your chance to get your beloved instruments. They also provide all the basic knowledge and after services. Do not ever miss this.

📍Location : All 13 branches

📌Distribution Channels
Web :
Shopee : music_collection
Lazada : มิวสิคคอลเลคชั่น
Line : @musiccollection168
Tiktok : musiccollection.thailand


Music Plant

Next, we have Music Plant.It is not only a unique instrumental store,but also its instruments are high-end,house brand,and interbrand.We can say thatthey are all well selected for the players.

The prices are reasonable for beginners to professionals, so do not be afraid of your budget. The store also has a Tune-up service by a professional technician, so you can play without any hesitation.

More importantly, there is a delivery service right to your front door.If you are in a hurry,they have express delivery that will reach you in an hour.But only for Bangkok and the outskirts.That’s why this store should be on your list.Very impressive.

📍Location : All 4 branches
Music Plant – Ratchapruek
Music Plant – Bang Bua Thong
Music Plant – Central Eastville
Music Plant – Seacon Bangkae

📌Distribution Channels
LINE ID : @musicplant
FB : Music Plant
Shopee : Music Plant
LAZADA : Music Plant
Tel : 088-0088-018 | 094-686-6861


Theera Music

Let’s continue with Theera Music. They are an import and distribution company for famous musical instruments such as digital pianos, electric drums, Roland, guitar effects, Boss amplifiers, acoustic guitars, and electric guitars from Canada. Famous brands, including Godin and Seagull, Gretsch drum sets, Zildjian cymbals, stereo systems, and Samson microphone. Also, M-Audio electronic equipment for music makers and many more high-end brands. There is everything about music for you here.

Furthermore, there are numerous zones for music lovers to join and immerse themselves in a new environment. So, those who are looking to try something new and open their experience in music must visit this store. They have everything you are looking for near Central Pinklao

📍Location : 77, 55 Borommaratchachonnani Rd, Arun Amarin, Bangkok Noi, Bangkok 10700

📌Distribution Channels
Web :
FB : Theera Music | Line
Shopee : Theera Music
Tel : 02-424-8988


Music Store

If you have a love for music, but do not know how to start. You must visit Music store. The atmosphere is relaxed and they distribute various instruments such as acoustic guitars, electric guitars, bass, drums, keyboards, winds, digital pianos, and also plenty of musical accessories.

The staff here are friendly and ready to instruct you from the beginner to the professional level. So, who is looking to fulfill your life with music or be a professional players. Here is where you must visit. The store is very easy to find. ❤️

📍Location :
🎸Music Store – Mega Bangna 2nd floor (02-105-1457)
🎸Music Store – Central Westgate 3rd floor (02-550-6208 | 090-910-0201)
🎸Music Store – Homemusic Bang Kruai (Headquarter) (062-492-6790)

📌Distribution Channels
👉🏻Music Store – Mega Bangna 2nd floor
👉🏻Music Store – Central Westgate 3rd floor
👉🏻Music Store – Homemusic Bang Kruai (Headquarter)

Line ID :
FB : Music Store
Web :
Shopee : Music Store Online
Lazada : Music Store Online


Music Legend

Continue with a cool musical instrument store by Music Legend.ูลๆ จาก Music Legend กันบ้างเลยย ที่นี่เป็นอีกหนึ่งร้านผู้นำเข้าและจำหน่ายสินค้าเครื่for various musical instrument brands.The prices are affordable,including economic to premium ones,and quality reaches their standard for music enthusiasts.For online shoppers,you should be happybecause this store is only open for online shopping. Directly to your home and convenient.If you are still hesitant, you can make an appointment to try beforehand as well. We assure you will be impressive. ✨

📍Location : Online only. Click here for more inquiry about trying an instrument.

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Shopee : Music Legend
Inbox | Line
Web :


S R Music Shop

Next, we have S R Music Shopby an experienced musician from Khlong Sam.If you are looking for a quality instrument,here is the place for you.Because they accumulated all the famous brandsthat fit the world standard.They are ready to guide and instruct youabout the musical instrumentby the owner who has experiencedmore than 20 years. It is reliable here.

Their customersare only online,but if you are at Pathum Thani or a nearby area,you can make an appointment and pick them up at the warehouse.Customers in Bangkokand the outskirts can get express delivery services which will reach you in an hour.For out-of-town customers, there will be delivery services for one to three business days with a shipping guarantee. If there are any broken parts, we replace the new one for you free of charge. Great products with a shipping guarantee. 🎸

📍Location : Pruksa B, Khlong Sam, Khlong Luang, Pathum Thani

📌Distribution Channels
FB : S R Music Shop จำหน่ายเครื่องดนตรีทุกชนิด
Shopee : S R Music Shop
Tel : 098-953-6358 | 062-698-6815



And now we are here with a musical instrument store by Veemusic. It is located at Fashion Island. They are one of the musical instrument distribution companies and other accessories from high-end brands. Guarantee with real license and quality. Also, if you need advice in a friendly atmosphere plus after services, here is the place for you. All beginners to professional levels are welcome. Never miss this.

📍Location : Veemusic, Fashion Island (3 Floor), 587 Ram Inthra 58 yak 4, Khan Na Yao, Khan Na Yao, Bangkok 10230

📌Distribution Channels
Web :
FB : Veemusics
Line : veemusic
E-mail :
Tel : 094-895-8888