“San Pha Phum” or spirit houses is an indispensable part of Thai people. Whether you are getting or building a new house or building, Thai belief dictates that you must have one. It’s a very popular object to have on your property too thus making it a very trendy business!

As time changes, so too does the spirit house design. No longer tied to the past pattern of a wooden, single beam and a silhouette that resemble a temple, modern day spirit houses have also embraced a more charming and modern look that doesn’t look intrusive but still retains its identity yet manages to blend into the scenery well thanks to Thai businesses adaptability. A modern spin on an old tradition that makes everyone goes Wow✨

A change in the style of the spirit house not only beautifies your property, it also makes your spirit guardian stronger! Therefore, selecting a fitting spirit house isn’t something you should overlook in this country!

📌What to look for when buying a spirit house?
1. Form factor: Single support beam, 4 or 6 support beams; this depends on the spirit you are worshipping
2. Height: From tiny to humungous, this depends on suitability more than anything.
3. Spirit house color: Every color is associated with a belief as well as an element. The color should also go well with the color of your property. Choose wisely!

📌Another thing that you should pay attention to is the “date and time” when you put up the spirit house as it is associated with auspiciousness and fortune. The timings are:
👉🏻 Sunday 06:09 – 08:19
👉🏻Monday 08:25 – 10:39
👉🏻Tuesday 06:39 – 08:09
👉🏻Wednesday 08:39 – 10:19
👉🏻Thursday 10:49 – 11:39
👉🏻Friday 06:19 – 08:09

Therefore, choosing a good spirit house has mainly to do with selecting the correct size that matches the house’s surroundings. Worship offering doesn’t have to be lavish, but consistency is key here as a good faith and belief is enough for the spirit guardian to smile upon you; but take care not to upset them with a half-hearted worship as it can bring woes instead.

Still, we believe there are many people out there who don’t know where to look for when ordering a spirit house. Look no further, for today we have put together 6 of the best high-quality spirit house sellers with a modern spin in this post. Let’s take a look and see which one of them will leave you a lasting impression. ✨



Let’s start with INTRASILP,a very trendy spirit house seller based in Leab Duan district.One of the leading spirit house sellers in Thailand, they operate their own factoryas well as a design studioand have been in the business for more than 60 years.Their clients include domestic and foreign buyerssuch as Ceasar palace (Las Vegas), every branch of Macro, Toyota, Siam Square, the ministry of finance. Vibhawadi hospital and many other large clients.

They also offer a complete turnkey solution when it comes to spirit house, as they also offer ritual services, Brahmin service appointment, spirit house support beam design and spirit house repair and maintenance service. Everything you need in one place!

– Just mention that you came from LifeSara and the seller will give you a 1,500 Baht discount and provide you with a 20 x 30 cm. marble incantation plaque worth 1,500 Baht as well. ✨

📍Location : INTRASILP

📌Contact information
Tel : 098-429-9941 | 086-429-8914
Line : vorajan | 096-429-8914
FB : ศาลพระภูมิ ศาลพระพรหม ศาลโมเดิร์น โดยร้านอินทรศิลป์
Web : www.intrasilp96.com



“A deity’s house mustn’t be different from a mortal’s house!” If you buy that line then Atsawasilp has something to sell you! A premium grade spirit house seller from Ratchaphruk district who offers numerous models and shapes of spirit houses. Looking for an outlandish Roman design? Or do you want a traditional but Modern one? Atsawasilp got your style covered and they can pull it off amazingly no matter the style too!

A signature process that makes this seller stand out is the use of lacquering and gold gilding on the spirit house, giving it a striking aura. They also use high quality cement, special formula paint that is resistant against the element, making the spirit house extremely durable.

If you are looking for a spirit house for the local spirit, Brahma or a Chinese local spirit as well as the complete installation service and after-sale service, Atsawasilp has everything you are looking for. Their location is very easy to reach with a parking place. All in all, a place you can’t miss out on. ✨

📌Promotion :
– 10% discount if you mention that you known them from LifeSara page
– Free shipping and installation in Bangkok and its suburbs
MON-SUN 8:00 – 18:00

📍Location : The place is 200 meter away from The Walk, Ratchaphruk, on Ratchaphruk road
** Please use the roundabout to make a turn and stay on the parallel road. Don’t use the tunnel

📌Contact information
Web : www.atsawasilp.com
FB : ศาลพระภูมิ ศาลพระพรหม ศาลเจ้าที่ ศาลโมเดิร์น โดยร้านอัศวศิลป์
IG : @atsawasilp
Tel : 097-209-2794
LINE : @atsawasilp


Por. Chareonsilp spirit house

If you enjoy a mix between the Modern and the Classics then you need to check out Por. Charoensilp. The place is located in Petchburi and they also operate their own manufacturing plant. With more than 30 years of experience, their strength lies in innovative design and a color scheme that invokes the Classic and Modern feel at the same time that matches all types of environments. They also provide advice on the best course of installation.

They also offer installation services with professional staff. No matter the type of spirit house, they can take on any size and type requirement you throw at them. One visit to Por. Chareonsilp is all you need to satisfy your spirit house needs!

📍Location : 180 Mooh 6, Ban Phatthana Mai, Don Khun Huai, Petchburi 76120 (Delivery across the country)

📌Contact information
FB : ศาลพระภูมิ ป.เจริญศิลป์
Tel : 098-539-8742 | 092-446-2261 | 083-229-7522
Line : Thanawat3282



Next up on the list is Prateepsilp, a spirit house seller from Bangpakok. With more than 40 years of experience as a manufacturer and seller of various types of spirit house and a customer base around the country, their experience, installation advice and turnkey services leaves zero room for doubt.

They also offer maintenance and renovation services for old spirit houses, if you are looking to jazz up the abode of your guardian spirit as well as the ritual and the accompanying Brahmin to impress your guardian spirit even more! The one-stop-shop for your ritual needs, must visit! 10/10

📍Location :
1081 Soi Kanjanakunchon, Bangpakok, Ratchaburana, Bangkok 10140

📌Contact information
FB : ประทีปศิลป์
line : Prateepsilp
Tel : 024-273-446 | 090-420-1223 | 081-632-0245 (Khun Joke)


San Sathien

Do you want to push the boundaryfor the word “Modern” when it comes to the dwelling of your spirit guardian?San Sathein is the right choice you might be looking for.This seller’s work focuses on the Modern aesthetics, neatness and iconic beauty through the use of natural granite,also results in a more durable and easier to maintain spirit house.Their work also exudes an air of tranquility worthy of a holy symbolwhich makes it a perfect match for all sorts of buildings that require a modern feel to it.

📍Location : 324/22 Mooh 6, Suan Loi, Bang Bua Thong, Nonthaburi 11000

📌Contact Information :
Web : www.sathien.com
Tel : 061-269-2524
FB : ศาลเสถียร
IG : san.sathien



And here we are at the final seller on our listthat can satisfy all your spiritual house needs.If you need advice on setting up a spirit house but don’t know where to begin,try out Suwatkarnchang. On top of providing advice,they can also appoint a Brahmin to perform the necessary rituals,for the installation of a new spirit house as well.

Their product and service doesn’t only bring you good luck but also increases the might of your guardian spirit too through the ritual, thus if you are looking for someone to renovate your spirit house back to its pristine condition like when you bought, it look no further than Suwatkarnchang

📍Location : 1575 Soi Ladkrabang 9/8 Ladkrabang Road, Ladkrabang, Bangkok 10520 10520

📌Contact information
Line OA : @suwatkarnchang
Web : www.suwatkarnchang.com
FB : suwatkarnchang
Tiktok : suwatkarnchang
Tel : 089-119-1492 | 084-937-1515 | 085-151-7184