Did you realize how much pollution we have to go through every day? That’s the reason why our skin is so rough and dry and loses its luster without even you knowing! The most direct solution to this problem is a skin scrub, a specialized solution to restore your skin condition and remove old dead skin cells. Skins that have old dead cells accumulated on them will become dirty, causing the skin to dry and results in wrinkles that look unhealthy.

In order for you to have the best skin scrubbing experience, Lifesara will be recommending some interesting skin scrubs for you all who are looking to shed those old skin cells for a smoother and glowy skin. Let’s check these brands out.

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Skin Scrub: Tree Hut

Let’s start off your quest for a smooth and fragrant skin with the Tree Hut brand, the number 1 brand skin scrub from the US. This is no ordinary skin scrub as it is organic and vegan in nature, especially the Shea Sugar Scrub formula that is guaranteed to provide an experience like nowhere else.

This formulacomes in a tiny pink package with a Cotton Candysmell that immediately gives off a soft and sweet strawberry cotton candy flavor along with eye-catching glitter.The cream itselfis in a bright pink hue and gives off that unmistakablestrawberry cotton candythat everyone willfall in love with. 🍓🍓

The scrub is composed of Shea butter, harmless fine sugar grain for that extra scrub, antioxidants, vitamin C, extracts from natural ingredients and fruits to give your skin that moisturized look and natural oil that will make your skin bright, soft and moisturized look. The scrub also contains shimmer that will give your scrubbing a glow to lighten up your scrubbing process. If you are looking for a really good scrub with a good smell, smash this one and check it out for yourself!

✨ Tree Hut Shea sugar scrub also has many other scents:
– Cotton Candy 🍓
– Vitamin C 🍊
– Watermelon 🍉
– Papaya Paradise 💫
– Green Tea 🍵
* Weight: 510 grams
* Price 890 Baht

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Web : https://treehutthailand.com/
FB : Tree Hut Thailand
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IG : treehutthailand


Skin Scrub: Hhoms.official

Next up on the brightening skin scrub listwe have a skin scrubfrom the brand Hhoms (หอม).This brand also stood out with its choice of scrub ingredients with the highlight being the pink Himalayansalt in a milky formula.The Number One Body Scrub not only acts as a body scrubbut will also react with water to form a milky solutionthat contains more than 12 concentrated extracts and vitamins that will nourish the skin down to the very bottom of your skin cell.

These extracts include natural pearl extracts, comfrey extracts, alpha arbutin extract from berries, pomegranate seed oil, safflower seed oil, goat milk, honey, lemon, tamarind, vitamin B3, Vitamin E and collagen. It is also free from 7 chemicals that are very dangerous to the skin.

These plethora of ingredients make Number One Body Scrub a scrub beyond others as it doesn’t only scrub and clean but also nourishes your skin making them bright and glowy; even making you fall in love with your own skin! If you enjoy caring for your own skin, Hhoms is a brand you should check out!

📍Location: Castle C Siam branch, Future Park, Asiatique

📌Distribution Channels
Line : @hhoms (Include @)
Email : hhomsofficial@gmail.com
Tel : 086-916-5916
FB : Hhoms.official
IG : hhoms.official
Shopee, Lazada, MyShop, Line Man Mart


Skin Scrub: Siriskin

Next up we have a product line form Siriskin; their flagship formula being the Siri Soft Scrub that is well-known for its scar healing properties and blemish reduction. The formula also combined more than 14 kinds of herbs from Thailand and abroad together into one package.

The all-around nourishing ingredients includes Shea butter that help tighten the skin; argan oil to rejuvenate dry skin and other ingredients like charcoal, zedoary, snail mucus, honey, aloe vera, monkey fruit, thanaka, tamarind, Camu camu, jojoba oil and goat milk. This formula is so packed with nutrients your skin will thank you for using it!

The brand provides a high proportion of mineral oil and shea butter to help make the skin soft and supple and retains its moisture when washed away. The argan oil also helps brighten the skin as it can help the skin retain moisture for up to 1 hour. If you are looking for a skin scrub loaded to the brim with nourishment and rejuvenating ingredients then check out Siriskin!

Amount: 200 grams
Price: 390 Baht

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IG : Siriskin.thailand
LINE : @siriskin
Myshop : Siri skin official
Shopee : Siriskin_Thailand
Lazada : Siriskin_Thailand


Skin Scrub: Her Thailand

Another brand that ladies who loved masks and scrubbing should have on their radar, the brand Her. This brand’s special highlight is their highly concentrated scrub that is 3 times thicker than tamarind! The thick scrub texture provides a smooth consistency that is different from a normal skin scrub as they contain no scrubbing beads; guaranteed not to cut your skin!

The scrub is also usable for both the body and facial skin.A 2 in 1 deal mask lover can’t say no to.The brand’s scrub is also very gentle when it comes to scrubbing off old skin cells;you can feel the gentleness the moment the scrub touches your skin.If you are looking for a skin scrub that both actsas a skin and facial scrub,check out the brand Her;a very popular brand among Thai girls. ✨

Amount: 3 sizes 50 grams, 100 grams and 360 grams.

📌Contact Informations
FB : Her.Thailand
Line : @her.thailand


Skin Scrub: Naturista

For the last spot we have the brand Naturista; their most popular formula being the Naturista Tea Tree Body Scrub that is famous for its ability to reduce acne and gently smoothen the skin. The product comes in the form of a spa Tea Tree scrubbing salt that exudes the relaxing Tea Tree smells while having a smooth grain surface that won’t injure your skin. The Tree Tea extract (Melaleuca alternifolia) helps eliminate acne-causing germs, prevent new acnes and reduce skin inflammation.

Any girl looking for something organic should turn their attention here as the Tea Tree extract is certified by ECOCERT organic as being the purest with no rancid smells to speak of and gives off a cool sensation with no alcohol in the mixture to speak of. Tea Tree Essential oil has a very distinctive smell that is very pungent which requires a small amount of special allergen free fragrance that doesn’t cause allergy in order to cover up the smell. If you are allergic to fragrance then you don’t have to worry as this formula is very gentle and is suitable to help you get that healthy skin.

Amount: 350 grams

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