Hands up if you want to produce your own music~ ✨ We’ve got you covered! Today LifeSara will walk you through a list of quality recording studios. These studios have long been produced beautiful tunes that you might recognize thanks to their big-name clientele 👀 Keep scrolling to find out what each of them can offer 💕


If you are looking to take a music production lesson or compose your own songs, VERYCATSOUND welcomes you with open arms. With the principle that music is more than music, choices of creative alterations are endless. That’s why they pay meticulous attention to every concept, composition, and aspect of the tune, as well as tailor to your liking and requirements! Plus, their team consists of qualified and seasoned music designers with more than 10 years of experience in Commercial Music!

At this music production studio, you will definitely get customized end products from a team of songwriters, songmakers, and music composers. Not only do they provide mid and downstream services, they also host a consulting sessions. This is indeed an all-in-one studio!

VERYCATSOUND offers a comprehensive range of services, from professional music production, commercial music, drama/animation soundtracks, to cover song recordings, or even remixes, TV program/game soundtracks, organization anthems – you name it!


Work samples

Service fee : Starts from 5,000 THB (depends on types of service and price assessment)


580/1 580/1 Bangkok, Phlabphla, Wang Thonglang, Bangkok 10312

📞 Contacts :
Tel : 085-666-2425


Toro Sounds Studio

Toro Sounds Studio is another perfect production spot for self-made artists who enjoy making unique music and/or cover songs. Despite a small recording room, their producer, Chayapat Thongsri (TORO) can give you a comfort of skillful facilitation from the very first step! You will never get abandoned 💕

And no need to worry about the quality part. Their full suite of equipment, such as audio plugins are high-end! Not only will a team of friendly producers help you write both Thai and English lyrics, they can also make all your tension disappear. Singing and pronunciation tips are at your disposal, too! What’s more, they have demonstrated orchestra arranging skills.

Leading the industry with extensive experience in professional song making and recording, Chatyapat Thonsgsri (TORO) is part of HYE’s production team. The man has been collaborating with big names like Paper Planes (ทรงอย่างแบด, ขอให้โชคเลว, ชัดเจน, ไม่ต้องพูด), Nont Tanont (ผ้าพันแผล), Lomosonic, HYE (เพื่อนสัมพันธ์), and so many more. Having worn many hats – mixing & mastering engineer, editor, arranger, lyricist – TORO can supply all your needs!


Work samples
Work samples for Arrange, Record, Edit, Mix, Master
Work samples for Orchestra
Service fee


📌 Location : Toro Sounds Studio Sukhumvit 50 (near Onnut BTS station)
The link, 4 Sukhumvit 50, Phra Khanong, Khlong Toei, Bangkok 10260

📞 Contact
FB : Toro Sounds Studio
IG : @torosounds.studio


Yuki Freedom Studio

This one-stop music studio can help any artists realize a dream of showing the world their cover songs 🙌 Their team comprises of: producer, who is a music production major from Rangsit University, and Sign Of Sorrow guitarist and ex-Seven Set. Having been orchestrating a production of many bands for more than 10 years, the team won’t disappoint! They can handle all genres, from country, folk, pop, rock, hip-hop, lo-fi, to R&B.

But if you are in need of just beats or commercial soundtracks, this all-round studio will walk you through every step of the way, starting from song making, composing, engineering, recording, mixing, to mastering. Don’t worry if you have no clue how to play a music instrument because Yuki has production software that comes with voice recorder and can program sounds from guitars, bass, drums, strings, woodwind and brass. They even have a band for you! What’s more, this studio is packed with state-of-the-art equipment! How convenient! Plus, Yuki doubles as a music video production house.

You can bring nothing yet go back with a cover song ready for YouTube upload. Their music video-related services might allow you to work with big artists and producers 💕Interested yet? Reach out via Facebook page to make a reservation or request detailed information because walk-ins are out of question. You can either park a car in their lots or take public transit.


Work samples : 200+ pieces by YUKI Song Produce
Service fee

  • Music practice room 400 THB/hour (equipped with drum sets, 2 guitar amps, 1 bass amp, 2 microphones)
    – Keyboard rental at fixed rate 100 THB
    – No guitar and bass for rent (you need to bring your own)
  • Vocal recording 900 THB/hour
  • Instrumental recording 1,200 THB/hour
  • Whole band recording 1,500 THB/hour
  • Cover song making (Vocal recording + Backing Track Mix and VDO recording 3,500 THB/song)
  • Cover song making (Vocal recording + Original Music Mix and VDO recording 8,000 THB/song)
  • Cover song making (Camera + Mix and VDO recording 4,500/song)
  • Music arrangement 8,000 THB
  • Edit 1,500 THB/instrumental piece
  • Mixing and Beat 2,000 THB
  • Full Mixing and Mastering 8,000 THB


📌 Location : Yuki Freedom Studio 204/267 Soi 14 Moo Ban Nannarin

📞 Contacts :
FB : Yuki Freedom Studio ห้องอัด ห้องซ้อม รับทำเพลง สอนทำเพลง ดอนเมือง รังสิต
LINE : @yukifreedomstudio
Tel : 096-541-9799
*Potential customers are subject to reservations, no walk-in appointments


Minerva Recording Studio

If you are struggling to start a professional music career, Minerva is just the right place! Their experienced producer Min (Siwaroj Jitniyompanit) has collaborated in recordings with a great many trending artists you surely recognize, such as Bomb At Track, Safeplanet and Three Man Down 💕

Min is a recording engineer who takes care of every step of the recording process, provides constructive advice, as well as skillfully operates all recording equipment and offers personalized techniques. Included in his workflow are co-songmaking according to the intended mood and tone, adjusting music design for perfection, and sometimes helping finish artists’ undone demos prior to actual recordings 🤣

This one-stop recording studio can help with everything, from producing, recording, mixing, to mastering. In addition, their studio space stretches to podcast recording, commercial spots recording, live session, et cetera. What’s not to like?


Work samples

Reach out via Facebook page for pricing information.


📌 Locations of two branches :
41 Soi Thep Kanjana, Khlong Madua, Krathum Baen District, Samut Sakhon 74110
Glam Lad Phrao 71 | 26, 1 Satriwithaya 2 Soi 3, Lad Phrao, Lad Phrao, Bangkok 10230

📞 Contacts :
FB : Minerva Recording Studios
IG : minerva.recordingstudios
Tel : 090-545-9919 | 095-546-5551


Music Factor Production

Music Factor Production is for anyone looking to create unique pieces of work or start a professional career. This recording studio provides all-round music production services, including recording room, mixing, mastering, and live recording room. They can also walk with you through such a creative process, from ideation through to the very last step. You can literally bring here little to none 👀

As a music production studio/music label/music production academy with a team of accomplished professionals from different career paths (namely, music production, marketing, A&R, and management) who never stop to create masterpieces, Music Factor Production can both provide advice and invent all kinds of musical pieces. You can trust this all-in-one studio that offers everything from production, concept development, character invention, to mixing and mastering with marketing efforts and PR promotion!

You are very welcome here whether you want to create something personal or for a music label. They produce jingle, TV program soundtracks, show background music, wedding music, commercial spot/game soundtracks, and organization anthems. Plus, they have rental rooms for recording and livestream with green screen.

Anyone looking to obtain skills in music production, their academic courses will equip you with a thorough guide to music production such as songwriting, arranging, producing, mixing, and mastering. This means that any completer can create a masterpiece from the magic of their own hand! 💕


Work samples

Reach out via Facebook page for pricing information.


📌 Location : 30/23 Fon Thong Soi 2 Phaholyothin, Anusawari, Bang Khen, Bangkok 10220

📞 Contacts :
WEBSITE : Music Factor
FB : Music Factor Production
LINE : musicfactor
Tel : 093-519-6365