🚵‍♀️In the current global trend where environmental and health awareness becomes much more important, it’s unsurprising that many people looking into finding a bike of their own. But there’s actually a big difference between just grabbing any cheapest bike possible, and actually finding “the bike” that fits with your body!
Because not only must we put the quality of its material and design into account when we’re looking for a good bike, but we also consider our height and the length of our limbs as well! Once you no longer have to curl your knees when the paddle spins up and stretch your torso to reach the handle from your seat, cycling is actually so easy on your body that you’ll begin to understand why many people willing to carry their bike 200-300 km. away so they can ride their bikes through the scenic route, instead of just walking like us peasants! So if you want a taste of the experience in Thailand, LifeSara got 5 good bike stores just for you!
Whether you just want to talk a bit with a professional or really looking for the proper bike for your size, these guys will get you covered, don’t worry!!


Let begins our list with the old hand of Thai bicycle market; Nakhonthaibike which has been selling bikes for more than 43 years! And this shop is sitting on Lad Prao, the old neighborhood that become many expat’s homes as well!

Nakhon bike has many different world-class bicycles and their parts in stock, from mountain bikes and road bikes to children’s bikes and foldable bikes! Because of their long history, Nakhon’s staffs are highly knowledgable and skilled in answering every bike question and matching customers to the best bicycle for them. 🥰

But one of the best features of Nakhon’s shop is that they have a bike fitting service!! It’s pretty hard to find a reliable bicycle shop in Thailand that can adjust the bike’s proportion to “fit” its owner’s limb’s length, which will make cycling much less tiresome and more efficient! Nakhon’s fitting team has been trained in a bike fitting course from Shimano, the world-class bike company themselves! So keep Nakhonthaibike on your mind if you want a true premium bike experience!! 💕

📍Location : On the main road between Lat Phrao Soi 101/1 and Soi 101/2
> A parking lot is available in front of the shop.
> Or you can turn left into Soi 101/1 and park your car at Nakhonthai market instead (20 Baht).

Tel : 02-377-1701 | 02-378-1900 | 081-914-5156
Web : Nakornthai Bike
Line OA : @nakornthaibike
FB : Nakornthai Bike
IG : @nakornthaibike
E-mail : nakornthaibike@gmail.com


VS Bike

Are you looking for a shop closer to the Ratchapreuk area? Because VS Bike is the leading bike shop in this neighborhood! If you just want to chillin’ around while your bike is being tuned or fixed, VS Bike is right next to Inthanin coffee shop where you can get some coffee and relax, or work if you’re WFH.🥰

But VS Bike’s best selling point is not their location, but rather their large collections of bike parts, upgrades, accessories, and even all the clothing and helmet to keep every cyclist safe and stylish!

From road bikes to mountain bikes and city bikes, VS Bike’s selections will satisfy every cyclist who just wanna go fast! And if none of the common bikes here can answer your craving, VS Bike’s special experts can assemble a custom bike just for you!! And their price ranges from a reasonable thousand up to the true premium of a hundred thousand Baht!!

And if you already have your bicycle at home, VS Bike is still available for you to fix, tuning, or even upgrade your metal baby with their special parts so together you can G O F A S T!!!🥰

Free fitting for every purchase
– Free 1-year aftersale service
– Free consulting for every bike question
– 20% Discount for special selection
** The conditions are as specified by the Company. **

Ratchapruek : 02-191-9889-90 | 065-458-9890
Bangchak Gas Station, Wat Lat Pla Duk : 02-001-0119 | 092-516-6192
*Open every day from 9:00-19:30 (Closed on every third Wed of the month)

Line : @vsbike
FB : VS bike
E-mail : vs-bike@hotmail.com
𝐒𝐡𝐨𝐩𝐞𝐞 : VS bike
𝐋𝐚𝐳𝐚𝐝𝐚 : VS BIKE



Next up we got a bike shop where most Bangkokians like to take their bike for a spin; Desprint in Bang Khun Thian! Sitting in the middle of many famous scenic routes, these guys have a lot of experience as both a cyclist and a bike artisan, so whether you know exactly what you want, or are not even sure what your question actually is, Desprint’s staff is ready to assist you! 🥰

From custom-built a bike, fixing, tuning, replacing with more specialized parts, deep cleaning, even up to bike fitting, Desprint is fully-equipped to meet your every need about bicycle!!

They’re so caring of their customers they even have a bike workshop every Sunday where you can meet up with Desprint’s staff and loyal customers and go cycling together! They can teach you how to ride a bike correctly, and you can socialize with other enthusiastic cyclists as you ride through the different routes together every week!✨

– 5% Discount for cleaning and other services, for Lifesara fan page only

📍Location : Map
⏰Open hours : Mon-Sat, from 11.00 – 18.30

Tel : 086-52555-40
FB : De’Sprint – เดอ สปริ๊นท์
Shopee : De’Sprint – เดอร์ สปริ๊นทร์


HuaHin Bike

Although if you’re out of Bangkok, you still can find some good bicycle shops as well. Take Huahin Bike for example, because this shop has been in service of many cyclists who lived in this ocean retreat town for 23 years! Many cyclists in Huahin and the surrounding regions had come here for a cleaning, a check-up, a custom bike, and shopping for the new parts that the shop will install for free!

So if your idea of a vacation or new neighborhood is the combination of a beach and a bike, you better choose Huahin then! Whether you come alone or with a bike of your own, you can expect high-quality service just like in Bangkok right here! 💕🚲 Another specialty of Huahin Bike is that they’re the dealer for Trek, Giant, Cervelo, Colnago, Shimao, Sram, and many other world-class bicycle parts at a reasonable price!✨

– Cleaning+Tuning+Check Up: 450 Baht
– Full Service (full tuning and oiling): 1,200 Baht
– Free installation fee for every purchase🔥

Location : Google Map

FB : Huahinbike
Line : @huahinbike
Tel : 097-097-2999


Cafe De Cyclist

Our last stop is for people around Salaya and Phuttamonton district because Cafe de Cyclist is on Phuttamonton 3rd road! They have many famous brands for the bike, the parts, and even cyclist’s accessories like Factor’s bicycle, Black Inc’s wheel, Morph’s gears, Oakley’s glasses, and many more!

Sitting on one of Bangkokian’s most favorited cycling route, Cafe de Cyclist also has a shower service for all sweating cyclists to wash up after cycling, too! Cafe de Cyclist might not be as mechanic-heavy as other stores we have on this list, but for a casual cyclist looking for somewhere to start and end their route, while also having a chance for some casual cyclist shopping, this cozy little cafe is as good as it could be for you!🥰

📍Location : Phuttamonton 3rd Road
⏰Open hours: Every day from 7.00 – 16.00

Tel : 087-320-4461
Line : @cafedecyclist
FB : Cafe De Cyclist