A dream trip requires a perfect travel bag, but choosing a successful candidate can be a demanding job. Some who feel a department store is the right place to go, might end up buying nothing at all since the choices seem to be endless, wasting both time and energy. Let us save you the trouble! If you are looking for a piece of luggage that is not only about beauty but also functionality, keep scrolling. You will be amazed by how much time is saved just because you do your research before actually buying.
Among the top things to consider when buying a travel bag include 1) material (durability) and functionality (whether it suits the occasion). Below are some of our helpful tips for luggage selection.
📌Things to consider when choosing luggage
  1. Size
    Baggage comes in various sizes, from small, medium, to large. And when it comes to sizes, you must think about the contents to be packed. That is, a short trip might not require such a huge bag, while it’s not advisable to go for a small one if you are going on a long trip.
  2. Material
    Another thing to factor in is material because it defines durability, especially when you are looking for waterproof luggage. Common robust materials include aluminum, ABS, and PC. On the other hand, bags made of fabric and nylon come with lightness. Don’t forget to check the condition of wheels, handle, zipper, and any buttons you can find.
  3. Functionality
    It’s virtually impossible to overlook the functionality aspect of the bag because we know beforehand where we’re headed. If you are a frequent traveler, you will need a suitcase that provides exceptional maneuverability and convenience. For work trips, you may need to price in durability and design.
  4. Features
    Another aspect you cannot miss is features, which cover additional interior pockets because it’s never a bad idea to spare some space.
  5. Price
    It is without a doubt that price helps make an easier decision. Price defines one of the most important aspects of anything, which is quality. And of course, if we pay more, it has to be worth it. That’s why it’s always a good idea to make comparisons before making a purchase. Also, remember to check for warranty!

Please note that the content in this article applies only to travel bags. You may find this overwhelming, but luckily, we’ve got you covered! Below are 5 Thai luggage brands for your next trip, with a brief product description that will definitely help you make a more informed choice.


Luggage that bear rough handling and striking security features

BP WORLD is one of the local luggage brands that can compete with global names. With modern and unique design, their bags are perfect for any lifestyle. Durability is guaranteed by a hard shell made of robust and flexible materials that can withstand strong impacts.

No matter where you’re headed, you can throw your worries away. BP WORLD bags are light and equipped with features such as a built-in TSA Lock for added security. A zipper that slides smoothly makes it easier for you to open and close. What’s more? You will get a 5 years warranty upon purchase that covers free repairs and replacement parts. What’s not to like?


  • Featured models
    • Friend 537
      Body cases and handles are made from 100% polycarbonate (PC) to withstand impact, heat, water, as well as chemicals, and to offer lightness and flexibility
    • Elegance 8006
      Body cases and handles are made from 100% polypropylene (PP) for more resistance to heat as well as grease, strength, flexibility, and lightness
  • Colors
    • Friend 537 : Green, Pink, Purple, Blue
    • Elegance 8006 : Black, Metallic purple, Metallic green, Pink, Lime green
  • Sizes and weights (W x L x H dimension in cm; weight in kg)
    • 20″ 8006 (36.5 x 22 x 54; 2.2)
    • 25″ 8006 (45 x 26.5 x 66; 2.8)
    • 29″ 8006 (50 x 31 x 76; 3.3)
    • 16″ 537 (32 x 24.5 x 48; 2.8)
    • 20″ 537 (38 x 26.5 x 54; 2.95)
    • 24″ 537 (46 x 30.5 x 66; 3.55)
    • 28″ 537 (54.5 x 34.5 x 81; 4.8)
  • Price and Promotion
    • Friend 537 (20″): 50% discount for 4,995 THB from 9,990 THB
    • Elegance 8006 (29″): 30% discount for 3,497 THB from 4,995 THB


E-mail : bponline@bp-world.com
Line : @bpworld
IG : bpworld


Lightweight luggage that allow 20% more packing

Caggioni is for travelers who fancy hard body cases, distinctive design, and a wide range of colors. This Thai brand is like a perfect travel partner, living by this life motto: “Enjoy Travel; Travel Creates Memories”.

Exceptional after-sale repairs, affordable prices, classic designs, and powerful functionality make Caggioni one of the most well-established brands for more than 65 years in the luggage industry. They offer a wide range of travel bags for all occasions imaginable, with extra lightness and guaranteed strength of polycarbonate (PC). Interior dividers make it easier to organize your contents without having to worry about buying an extra bag.

A zippered extension option is perfect for anyone without “light packing” as part of their vocabulary. Last but not least, double wheels add both durability and maneuverability, so no more wobbling and loud noises! We highly recommend Caggioni for anyone looking for a premium-quality suitcase with enhanced functionality.


  • Featured models
    • Voyageur (16-I3-C15082)
      Striking checkerboard design, premium-quality materials, TSA-Lock for added security and aluminum handle for rust resistance
  • Colors
    • pink / black / smoke
  • Sizes and weights (W x L x H dimension in cm; weight in kg)
    • 20″ : 36 x 21 x 48; 2.5
    • 24″ : 43 x 27 x 60; 3.60
    • 28″ : 50 x 30 x 68; 4.5
  • Price and Promotion
    • 20″ : 50% discount for 3,295 THB from 6,590 THB
    • 24″ : 50% discount for 3,595 THB from 7,190 THB
    • 28″ : 50% discount for 3,995 THB from 7,990 THB


FB : Caggioni Travel Luggage
IG : Caggioni
Line : @caggioni


KIKI Luggage Thailand
Luggage that offer both vibrancy and heat resistance

For travelers who tend to set their eyes on more distinct colors, KIKI Luggage Thailand is another emerging local brand for you. Their offerings come with sufficient functionality as well as minimal, bright appearance and are made from well-known materials. With an aluminum frame, trunks in the Copper model guarantee strength and durability. Vamo Fridge model gives a sporty look from 100% heat-resistant PC, perfect for both dragging and hand carrying.

It would be wrong not to talk about their excellent after-sale services when they offer a parts warranty that covers the carry strap, telescopic handle, and wheels. So fret not! In case you are in an urgent need, KIKI has an express delivery service all around Bangkok and vicinity within 24 hours.


  • Featured models
    • Vamo Fridge
      Sturdy enough for sit-on while waiting, also have a universal TSA Lock
    • Copper
      Sturdy aluminum frame for sit-on with a capacity of up to 100 kg, stomp-tested body cases, double TSA Locks for better theft prevention
  • Sizes and weights (W x L x H dimension in cm; weight in kg)
    • Vamo Fridge
      • 24″ for 4-7 days (36 x 33 x 58; 3.5)
      • 30″ for 10+ days (38 x 32 x 70; 4.2)
      • 32″ for a month or year’s stay (41 x 37 x 80; 5.2)
    • Copper
      • 20″ (36.5 x 25.5 x 53; 4.2)
      • 24″(42.5 x 28.5 x 63; 4.6)
      • 28″ (47 x 29 x 73; 5.3)
  • Price and Promotion
    • Vamo Fridge
      • 2,290 THB for 24″
      • 2,890 THB for 30″
      • 2,990 THB for 32″
    • Copper
      • 1,890 THB for 20″
        • 2,190 THB for 24″
        • 2,890 THB for 28″


FB : Kiki Luggage Thailand – กระเป๋าเดินทาง
Web : www.kikiluggageth.com (Temporarily unavailable)
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Pegasus Luggage
Modern luggage with multifarious models

A local brand with its own manufacturing factory!

If you are looking for a travel bag with a wide range of modern designs and sophisticated functionality, Pegasus is your answer. This Thai brand has been selling suitcases with as high quality as you can find in global names for more than 30 years. Their durable offerings come in different sizes, from 14″ to 30″, to cater to the needs of travelers of all ages.

Whether it’s a domestic or international destination you’re headed to, you can entrust the storage aspect of your travel to Pegasus. Their top qualities are water and high impact resistance, great durability, expandable option, and a one-year warranty upon purchase.

Pegasus doubles as a bag manufacturer for all types of luggage: they provide both consultants and designers. What’s more? Free delivery around Bangkok and vicinity!


  • Featured models
    • New Morgan (18″ plus) for 2-4 days
      Modern, sleek pattern and color, made from ABS and polycarbonate (PC) for durability as well as resistance to impact and scratch, also have a standard lock for added security
      • 890 THB from a full price of 3,000 THB
    • Quarter (18″) for 2-4 days
      Like New Morgan (18″ plus), this model is made from ABS and polycarbonate (PC) and employs Standard Lock. The difference is that it embraces a more minimalist, vibrant design yet functional
      • 890 THB from a full price of 3,000 THB
    • Dartmoor Zipper (25″ / 30″) for 10+ days
      What makes this model stand out is its trunk-like design (or fridge) and polycarbonate (PC) as its only material. Bearing wheels adopted from the automotive industry and TSA Lock add durability and security.
      • 25″ size 2,890 THB from a full price of 7,400 THB
      • 30″ size 3,290 THB from a full price of 7,800 THB
    • Harness (20″ / 26″) for 5-10 days
      This latest model from Pegasus comes with a subtly luxurious design and offers expected durability. A wide telescopic handle adds to capacity. Extra features include USB socket and water bottle holder. Harness is made from 100% polycarbonate (PC), employs bearing 360 degree spinning wheels for maneuverability, and has TSA Lock for added security.
  • Price and Promotion
    • Harness (Latest model from PEGASUS)
      • 20″ : 3,890 THB from 7,550 THB
      • 26″ : 5,390 THB from 9,550 THB
      • Free premium-quality clear PVC cover for protection against scratch, water, and dust during handling.


Web : www.pegasus-luggage.com | www.sapchoti.com
Line @ : @pegasus.luggage. (Ordering) | @sapchotigroup (Manufacturing)
Tel : 098-354-4155
FB : PEGASUS LUGGAGE | ทรัพย์โชติ ลักเกจ กรุ๊ป จำกัด


Luggage with a pastel palette for the minimalist

Last but not least, aji. Known for minimalist designs, aji is represented by an authorized distributor “GOODLUG LUCKGAGE”, who also sells other famous luggage brands. Not only do aji luggage come with durability, flexibility, and impact resistance, their distinct pastel appearance also adds liveliness to your journey.

Main advantages include double SJ. TOBOL 360 degree spinning wheels from the USA, ultra-quiet TPE rubber wheels for maneuverability, TSA Lock for added security, YKK zipper for smoother sliding, optimal design for versatility, BAYER PC for durability and flexibility, and anti-scratch double glazing.

With great appearance comes great security. aji is perfect for anyone looking for a piece of striking luggage.


  • Featured models
    • danish stick A7052s
  • Colors
    • Smoke white / Pink / Green
  • Sizes and prices (W x L x H dimension in cm; weight in kg)
    • 20″ : 34.5 x 24.5 x 48; 3.05
      • Capacity: 41 l
      • 2,790 THB
    • 24″ : 43.5 x 26 x 60; 4.13
      • Capacity: 67 l
      • 2,990 THB
    • 26″ : 48 x 27.5 x 65; 4.63
      • Capacity: 87 l
      • 3,290 THB


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