In this article, LifeSara has gathered 5 recommended baking studios to help you safely embark on this sweet career, whether you want to fill your leisure time or earn extra money. From Italian to Thai, to French, these institutes have courses that can help you hone your skills. And as baking requires perseverance and determination, you will develop new indispensable attributes.
These practical lessons are physically and mentally perfect for people of all ages. Keep scrolling and let’s prepare you for a promising line of work!

357 °F Baking Studio

If you are looking to pursue a baking career, 357 °F Baking Studio will get you through the science and art of pastry making. Located near Samyan Mitrtown, this institute is packed with world-standard bakery classes hosted by an experienced owner, who has served more than 10,000 bakers.

357 °F Baking Studio will open your eyes to the bakery world with baking techniques andFood Science insights that are helpful in developing your original recipes. Here you will get practical experience and, of course, deeper passion for baking! Any lovers of pastry, cookies, brownies, cafe-style cakes are encouraged to take a course here.


📌 Highlight :

  • Highly in-demand baking workshops and longer courses
  • Skills and expertise guaranteed for embarking on a career
  • Courses cover various types of pastry, including cafe-style cakes, expert-style cakes, petit gateaux, cheesecake, cookies, secret tarts, macarons, canales, croissants, and toast.

Best-selling courses : The Master Patisserie Program 8 Weeks 92 Dishes 256 Hours
Short-term bakery workshops

Prices and promotions : Fees start from 3,490 THB

  • Sign up for 2 courses or bring one friend for 10% off
  • Sign up for 3 courses or bring two friends for 15% off
  • Sign up for 4 courses or bring three friends for 20% off


📍 Location : 357 °F Baking Studio
654, 28 Chinda Thawin Alley (near Samyan Mitrtown), Maha Phruttharam, Bang Rak, Bangkok 10500

📌 Contact
FB : 357 °F Baking Studio โรงเรียนสอนทำขนมสไตล์ใหม่ By ครูเซฟ
Line : @357bakingstudio
Tel : 095-119-1695


Friday Kitchen

Second, Friday Kichen. This warm and lovely pastry school is ideal for both kids and adults looking to be well-rounded. With more than six years of experience in desserts and foods, their professional instructors are ready to take you to another level. Not only will you find courses here to your liking, but you will also get to upskill amidst a homey atmosphere.


📌 Highlight :

  • A place where you can learn to pursue with affordable fees as well as friendly and homey atmosphere
  • Techniques and insights in baking and cooking
  • Instructors and personal assistants with extensive experience in cooking and baking who used to work with foreign patissiers, or in five-star hotels and renowned restaurants around Bangkok
  • Broad selection of courses for various types of pastry, including: Thai tea, chocolate, orange soft chiffon; banoffee pie; strawberry crepe cake; blueberry cheese pie; cheese tart; Hokkaido milk roll; and redbean matcha cake.

Best-selling courses : Macaron baking class, a very first course since almost 7 years ago that will get you to the heart of authentic Italian macaron–easy to make, perfectly sweet, and delectable


📌 Contact
Line ID : @fridaykitchen หรือ Friday Kitchen
Tel : 061-928-9149
Find all baking courses here :


Smile Cooking Club

Smile Cooking Club is packed with courses for both sweet and savory menus. This all-in-one school has created employment in the food industry for thousands of learners with more than 250 desserts, from Thai sweets, cakes, to brownies. Every one of their recipes were tested and adjusted to recent trends by qualified professionals.

With more than 10 years of practical experience, you will feel the utmost peace of mind every step of the way, as a team of instructors is ready to provide advice. In 2021, this baking studio launched courses for young cooks and bakers to instill professional skills from such early ages. You can choose a course from any of their five branches (and still counting) to upskill.


📌 Highlight :

  • Cooking and baking classes for both kids and adults
  • Expert-developed recipes for a successful career
  • 95 online courses hosted by professionals that you can go back to anytime

Best-selling courses : Online baking courses

Prices and promotions : 2,000-THB 95 online courses for 250 dishes


📌 Contacts :
Line: @smilecookingclub
Tel : 096-942-3549


Banrak Kanomthai

Hands up if you are a sucker for Thai sweets! Whether you wish to just upskill or kickstart a professional career, you will find one of this Bangyai-based studio’s courses a perfect one. They offer more than 100 recipes of Thai desserts, both common and royal cuisines, from seasoned instructors who will provide profound insights for a full grasp of this realm. Even if you merely want to level up practical experience with winning Thai sweets, we still highly recommend that you come here. No prerequisite skills needed! You may unearth hidden talents that can get you ahead in an unexpected career path.


📌 Highlight :

  • Foolproof recipes for everyone, no prerequisite skills required
  • Full selection of Thai royal cuisine desserts, from steamed savory dumplings with fish filling (ปั้นสิบนึ่งไส้ปลา), flower-shaped dumplings with minced chicken filling (ช่อม่วง), bird dumplings (ขนมจีบตัวนก), Bulan Danmek, Thong Ek, Saneh Jan, Dara Thong (Ja Mongkut), to many more auspicious sweets, with extension to cold-tolerant steamed banana, pumpkin, and sweet potato, as well as chewy steamed pandan layer cake (ขนมชั้น), et cetera.

Best-selling courses : Famous, sought-after Thai royal cuisine desserts like flower-shaped dumplings with minced chicken filling (ช่อม่วง) and bird dumplings (ขนมจีบตัวนก) that are cold-tolerant, safe for freezing and perfect for make-ahead


📍 Location : Mu Ban Mit Pracha Villa, Bang Yai City Soi 18 (opposite of Central Westgate Bangyai, Nonthaburi)

📌 Contacts :
Tel : 094-330-5939 (ครูปู)
Line : Add LINE Friends via QR Code
IG: banrak_kanomthai
FB : บ้านรักษ์ขนมไทย สอนทำขนมและรับสั่งทำขนมไทยชาววัง



Let’t end this sugary journey with another pleasant Thai dessert studio that will make cooking classes more appealing than ever. จันทร์นภาขนมไทย offers 38 online courses, with around 52,000 registrations, that are no inferior to their onsite counterparts. You will get mostly the same components from physical classrooms, such as clear and detailed instructions. Plus, their recipes are easy to follow–it’s like the instructor is by your side! This school is perfect for any beginners who are worried about a career path post-completion because all their cooking directions are foolproof, with end products that everyone will find impossible to resist.


📌 Highlight :

  • 100% online courses that you can take from the comfort of your house–no commute–and detailed recipes
  • Wide selection of well-known Thai dessert classes, including: coconut ball (ขนมต้ม), steamed cassava cake (ขนมมันสำปะหลัง), pandanus sago dumpling with grated coconut (หยกมณี), grilled banana with coconut-vanilla caramel (กล้วยปิ้งน้ำกะทิ), milk doughnuts (โดนัทนมสด), Inthanin, toddy palm in caramel syrup (ลูกตาลลอยแก้ว), banana in syrup (กล้วยเชื่อม), water chestnuts in coconut milk (ทับทิมกรอบกะทิสด), and so forth

Best-selling courses : Sweet sticky rice with Thai mustard (ข้าวเหนียวมูนสังขยา) is their most popular one among 38 classes

Prices and promotions : Course fees range between 199 – 599 THB *Promotion 199 THB only


📌 Contacts :
FB : จันทร์นภาขนมไทย สอนทำขนมไทย / อาหารไทย Online
Tel : 087-048-5253