🎤Have you ever heard an advertisement soundtrack that makes you earworm like Lactosoy 5 Baht~. Have you ever wondered how they compose this song? Even if it was from 10 years ago, the demand for the song is still present, with earworm and singalong. It’s a remembrance of the brand.

Many might wonder why we bring this up. Because we’re going to talk about the “composer”, “producer” and all the related professions of “recording studio”. Believing that some might want to work on this path but don’t know how to start, or where to learn. Thus, here is the main point of recording studios; they are created for people with no experience to participate and meet with experienced people who share related love of music.

A recording studio is something beyond what we just know. So if you want to be singers, artists, form a band, or look for a studio to rent to make music; a recording studio will be necessary to make your dream come true.

Hence, Lifesara would like to target studios for recording, performing, and producing music for those who still don’t know where to go. We collected all the prominent points of each studio for you as well. It will be helpful for the decision (Suggested tips for better recording quality). Don’t waste the time, let’s see what we will suggest for you. ✨✨🎤

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Recording Studio: Minerva Recording Studios
(มิเนอร์ว่า เรคคอร์ดดิ้ง สตูดิโอ)

If you want a quality music record match to your taste with a decent studio atmosphere, you should come to Minerva Recording Studios. It’s a mastered top studio for mixing and recording in Thailand. It has been open for 9 years established by Min Sivaroth and Goy Arisarakorn starting with a small studio recording for their friends. Then word of mouth spread about its quality and became an option studio in the music industry.

Now, Min is aproducer of Bomb At Track (Album: Bomb The System) and Topeople bands by Genie Records record label.More artists are joining in such as Bomb At Track, Safeplanet, Three Man Down, ASIA7, Zweed n’ Roll, To people, and more.The studio has reached this pointbecause of its skills.Even though time passes,they still control and keep the quality to be the best.

📍Prominent points of Minerva Recording Studios
1. Working with Min, the main producer and recording engineer from Minerva, who is famous among regular musicians. Never let any defect or flaw pass in every recording process.

2. The studio is well-known for taking care of and giving advice to performers. They select the right equipment according to the character of each song up until checking, editing, and advising the recording step.

3. Many services like sound and music recording, music producing, live session recording, concert live studio, and advertisement recording.

📌Promotion :
– 9% off for recording service for the whole month to celebrate the 9th anniversary. There will be a new promotion at the end of 2022 for a 2nd branch Minerva opening in the LadPrao area.

📍Location :
Krathum Baen brach
– LadPrao 2 branch (New! Opening soon!)

📌Contact Information :
Tel : 095-546-5551 (Goy)
Web : www.minervarecstudios.com
FB : Minerva Recording Studios
IG : Minerva.recordingstudios
TikTok : Minerva Recording Studios
Email : minervastudio1@gmail.com


Recording Studio: DBS Studios & 888 House

DBS Studio has been open since 2006, it’s been 16 years, with success from many bands and entertainment industries such as Youtube Songtopia, One 31, GMMTV, Monsta Mixa, Neon Music, Classy, YUPP, White Music, and Genie Records. It’s trustable by many people.

Now, there are 3 studios, and 2 buildings for indoor and outdoor recording services, mix master, and post-production. They’re open to all Thai people and foreigners. If you’re looking for a professional studio with many famous people who came for the service, here is the place for you.

📍Prominent Points of DBS Studios & 888 House
1. Full services imported innovative equipment
2. Indoor and outdoor recording services, also mix master
3. Experienced friendly professional staff. Ready to give advice all about music
4. Good atmosphere with all facilities such as snacks, drinks, wifi, and parking lots

📌Promotion :
✨Studio A Big Size (3rd fl.): Starting 1,200 Baht per hour
✨Studio B, C Medium Size (2nd fl.): Starting 800 Baht per hour
**Every 3 and 6 hours reservation, earn a special discount**

📍Location : DBS Studio Bangkok Thailand (888 HOUSE)

🖤DBS Studio A & B : 124/6 Prachautid Rd, Samsen Nok, Huay Kwang, Bangkok 10310
Tel : 081-564-1569
❤️DBS Studio C : Thiam Ruam Mit Rd, Huay Kwang, Samsen Nok, Bangkok 10310
Tel : 098-352-1782

📌Contact Information
Tel : 098-352-1782
Line : 0983521782
FB : DBS Studios&888House
Email : dbsstudios888house@gmail.com
Web : DBS Studio


Recording Studio: Chaichana Sound Studio

For those who are looking for a full services studio like a practice room, recording room, dance rehearsal room up until music teaching. We recommend you visit Chaichana Sound Studio in the Samakkhi area.

It’s a popular studio in the music industry, opening for more than 10 years, but the quality never drops. They got the 2nd award in a mixing music competition and also collaborated with many famous artists. They had a chance to be a live sound engineer for many bands in Thailand and overseas. If you’re looking for a cool studio, we recommend this place with full optional equipment.

📍Prominent Points of Chaichana Sound Studio

1. Many options for rehearsal rooms, music, dance, and record rooms.

2. There are music learning courses, classical, singing, program music maker, music recording, mix-master, dance, and cover recording.

3. Other services such as Spot, music arrangement, live sound events, music editing, and sound system installation.

4. All ages and genders are accessible

📌Promotion :
Recording room : 700 Baht per hour. Reserve a queue for 6 hours, 4,000 Baht.
Music cover recording : One-price service for video recording and editing. Not exceed 2 – 3 hours for 3,500 Baht
Music rehearsal room : 3 hours reservation free 1 hour
Dance rehearsal room : 5 hours reservation free 1 hour

📍Location : 16 , Samakkhi 30, Tha Sai, Nonthaburi, Nonthaburi 11000

📌Contact Information
Tel : 080-081-7882
Line : @cs_studio
Email : chaichanasound@gmail.com
Web : www.csstudio-thai.com


Recording Studio: VERY CAT SOUND

If you’re looking for a studio that has everything about music services like composition, and music production for commercials and people who are interested in music maker courses. These will be easier when you visit the VERY CAT SOUND studio in the Wang Thonglang area.

VERY CAT SOUND is a studio established by a former great producer from Panda Records with more than 10 years of experience. Involved with many artists and bands such as Nonkul, Double Tap, Bitkub, Otteri, Tobacco Authority of Thailand, and more.

Apart from working with music experts, we will guarantee that your work will have good taste and match your styles. If you want to compose your brand’s signature, here is the answer for you.

📍Prominent Points of VERY CAT SOUND
1. Music Production for Business: Composition for advertisement, Tiktok, Jingle, spot advertisement, music score, organization’s song, merchandise promote soundtrack, signature band music, and playlist for a shop.

2. Music Production for Artist: Composition for free artists from the beginning to publication, artists with a record label, or normal people.

3. There is also a Composer Academy course that teaches music composition to those who have a dream to be music producers.

4. Exclusive recording room for guests who take music production service with us only from the beginning to the last process. Doesn’t count if only recording sessions are taken.

📌Promotion :
– Promotion for music editing + composition with a discount package.
**(Price depends on detail of each work)**

📍Location : 580/1 580/1 Bangkok, Phlabphla, Wang Thongla, Bangkok 10312

📌Contact Information
Tel : 085-666-2425
Email : verycatsound@gmail.com
Web : www.verycatsound.com