✨Want to go study and work abroad but you feel that your language skill isn’t up to par and is weighing you down? Just a glance at anything that isn’t your mother tongue already gives you a headache? When you tried it yourself you also can’t grasp a thing? How will I get that IELTS score that will get me that dream job in another country? What should I do?

IELTS (International English Language Testing System) is an English test that aims to test your 4 skills which are speaking, listening, reading and writing. The test will assess the candidate’s most basic and advanced communication skills with the goal of certifying how “proficient” the candidate is with the English language. Therefore, if your score is higher than the given threshold like 5.5 or 6.5 then get ready to fly! ✈️ (**Might be subject to change)

Of course, if you have a plan to go study or live aboard or work in fields that use English extensively but doesn’t know which IELTS course to attend because you are afraid that you won’t understand a thing.😧

Lifesara got you covered, we have put together a few IELTS course tutors in this post that are a good choice for people who want to test their English skill out as well as those who want to apply for work or study abroad. Read on if you want to ace that IELTS score. 📚

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McBrown school IELTS preparation course

If you want to expand your vocabulary, train yourself to listen to British accents, as well as other accents that you might encounter such as Indian, Singaporean or Australian English then you should check out McBrown school.

This is one of the best schools for those without any basics but want an IELTS score or a TOEFL score for studying abroad. It doesn’t matter whether you are looking to go for a bachelor, a masters, a PhD or employment, McBrown is the right choice for all your IELTS needs.

📌McBrown’s selling points
– An IELTS course for those without any basics at all
– Semi one-on-one studies
– Create your own schedule!
– Hybrid system class

** All inclusive price : 65,900 Baht

📌Promotion :
– 10 months interest free payment with Bangkok Bank, KTC and KBank credit card.
– 3,000 Baht discounts for Off-peak hours courses.
– 3,000 Baht discounts for former students who want to redo the entire course again.
– 3,000 Baht discounts when paying with cash or transfer.
– 3,000 Baht discount form full price when applying for a 3-Month Expiration class

**Each promotion can’t be used with other promotion
**The condition for each discount is up to the School’s or website’s discretion.

📍Location : Sky Garden, 5th floor, Samyan Mitrtown, Rama 4 road, Wang Mai, Pathum Wan, Bangkok, 10330, MRT Samyan, second exit

📌Contact information

Tel : 062-626-6369
FB : McBrown
Line : @mcbrown
Website: https://brown-english.com/


IELTS course with Good Language

For the second spot we have the IELTS course from Good Language. If any of you are looking to take an IELTS course, this school has the best course that can satisfy all your reading, listening, writing, speaking and even vocabulary; everything you need for IELTS really. As for the teaching staff, they don’t hold back at all as they will hand you all the tips and tricks they have gathered throughout the 15 years of their teaching experience to you!

The school also guaranteed an overall score of 7.5 for your IELTS test, if you didn’t make it through, you can apply again (within six months after the course ended). What a bargain!

📌📌Good Language school highlights
– Tips and tricks the instructors have come up with that will help boost your score. Guarantee by the numerous reviews and testimonies.
– A large archive of past papers and IELTS vocabulary.
– Unlimited writing skill evaluation, with scores for every step of the evaluation process. Students can send in their work for evaluation even if the course is already over; the evaluations are free of charge.
– Flexible class schedules. Easy makeup class appointment.
– Private room service on the campus for students who want to concentrate on the exams.

📌 Pricing and Promotion
1. Basic and fundamental IELTS course
2. IELTS for you course; a course that offers all 4 skills: Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing (After the course you are ready for the real exam)
3. IELTS vocabulary

*Course prices stars from 10,500 Baht

📌Contact information
Tel : 096-9245856
Line ID : goodlanguage
FB: Good Language
Email : goodlanguage@outlook.com
Web : www.goodlanguagethailand.com


IELTS course with Inttutor

Do you want your IELTS course to be filled with excitement and serious gains? Try out Inttutor near Phayathai area. This school focuses on designing a lesson that suits every individual student, as well as providing techniques that allow people to beat out BAND 7+ of the IELTS exams while building your skill from the fundamentals up all the way to the top. The teaching methods are practical and easy to understand; guaranteed by the instructor from the InterChula team who have more than 15 years of experience and are ready to answer all your doubts about the exam. If you want to improve yourself and make some friends along the way, we recommend this school!

📌Inttutor highlights
– Custom courses that match the learner’s ability that prepares them to beat Overall Band 7+
– Fundamental course that builds the basics and gradually climbs the rank to advanced level
– Very friendly instructor; all classes are taught live.
– A deep dive into every skill set that is very easy to grasp, practical and requires no previous fundamentals.
– Personal coaching. Instructors are always on standby ready for any question you might have.
– Can choose parts to focus on with no minimum hours.

📌Promotion : 10 hours for 9,000 Baht (discounted from 1,100 Baht / hour)

📍Location : 4th Floor Phaya Thai Plaza building

Tel : 081-942-5282 (Teacher A) | Line@
Website: https://www.inttutor.com/


IELTS course with Keaes Academics since 1996 (Keaes)

For the final place, we have the upcoming Keaes Academics or the Keaes school of language and development. Keaes school is a hub for international students that has been in business for more than 26 years. Their teaching experiences are beyond doubt as guaranteed by more than 20,000 alumni. The IELTS course here focuses on a private one-to-one class in order to give students a more effective experience in listening, speaking, reading and writing. If you are looking to beat the 6.5+ band, this is the school to consider.

📌Keaes school of language and development highlights
– Numerous instructors from top ranked universities from around the globe with a chance to study with a native speaker.
– Lessons here are designed for one-on-one and personalized teaching that aims to push all students above the 6.5+ bands in all parts.
– Flexible timing whether it’s a group class or a one-on-one.
– Free Assessment test before actual study.

📍Location : L5, Gateway Ekamei, 982/22 Sukhumvit road, Phra Khanong, Khlong Toey, Bangkok

📌Contact information
Tel : 02-108-2922
Line : @keaes
FB : Keaes Academics – คีเอส
Web :www.keaes.com/ielts